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Wii Shooting Gallery is a compilation of target shooting games.


Wii Shooting Gallery is a compilation of eight (8) shooting games. It is most fun when played with the Wii Zapper.

  • Still Targets
  • Horizontal Moving Targets
  • Vertical Moving Targets
  • Crazy Targets
  • Crisscross Targets
  • Teleporting Targets
  • Hogans New Alley
  • Wii Shoot In Space


Extract the .zip directly to your apps folder on SD card.



Wiimote.svg Move Cursor
Wiimote B Button Select what cursor is pointing on.
Wiimote + Button or Classic + Button Return To Loader

Game Controls

Wiimote.svg Aim
Wiimote B Button Shoot

Wii Shoot In Space Only

Nunchuck Control Stick or Classic D-Pad or Wiimote D-Pad Move Ship
Wiimote A Button or Nunchuck C Button or Nunchuck Z Button or Classic b Button Shoot from the ship


Wiimote Power Button Turn off the Wii
Wiimote HOME Button Display the HOMEbrew Menu

User Generated Backgrounds

Since the 1.4 release, players have been able to enable backgrounds as they play. However, I think the game is best played with a background you made.

­***Heres how to make and use your own:***

Make a .png image with the dimensions 640x480

Save it as either background1.png, background2.png, or background3.png.

Put the image into the data folder in the WiiShootingGallery folder.

Make sure you get rid of the existing image you are replacing.

­***How to let other people use your backgrounds:***

If you want other people to be able to use your backgrounds, please make 3 backgrounds and put them into a .zip file. Then either e-mail me the .zip or upload the .zip to the internet and then e-mail me the link. I will put the file/link onto the Wiibrew page for the app. Remember to only put the backgrounds into the .zip Do not resend the entire app to me.

­***How to use someone elses backgrounds***

If you want to use someone elses backgrounds put them into the data folder in the WiiShootingGallery folder, making sure to replace the existing background images with them.

Its that easy everyone. Please do not e-mail me questions that I have already answered in the text above.

Once again my e-mail address is: castlevania7689 <at> yahoo <dot> com

Download User Generated Backgrounds

Warpedflash's backgrounds

Christopher M.'s backgrounds

WarpedFlash's Backgrounds 2

Default Backgrounds for 1.4

Download Skinned Versions of Wii Shooting Gallery

Samus the Heroine by drchink Download (Based on 1.9)

Yoshis Flight Edition by drchink Download (Based on 1.9)

Known Bugs

-There are some inaccuracies in the README. Use this wiki page for information until I upload a version with a fixed README.

-I would like to publicly apologize for the lack of qualtiy found in Wii Shoot In Space. It will become a great, fun to play, fleshed out shooter with boss battles.

-Exiting Wii Shoot In Space on Very Hard will sometimes cause a code dump.

-The screen is black for a couple of seconds when the app is originally loaded is first started.

-Power Button doesnt work in some places (already fixed will be in the next release)

Special Thanks

A big thank you to Warpedflash who redid the artwork originally. Currently he continues to make artwork for me. Thanks especially for putting up with how picky and unclear I was about the target animations. Thanks for testing as well.

Thanks to Stevey for the icon and the awesome Wiibrew page.

Thanks to Christopher M. who inadvertently gave me the idea for usergenerated backgrounds. Thanks for testing as well.

Thanks to Aaron (Azza123) who made those amazing default backgrounds. Aaron also continues to create new artwork for me. Thanks for testing as well.

Thanks to Tonei Altenburg for testing.

Thank you to the homebrew browser team for hosting my games.

Thanks to Chaosteil for developing the libwiisprite library as well as for being so nice despite my lack of knowledge about transparency.

Thanks to Team Twiizers for originally hacking the Wii.

Thank you to everyone who continues to download Wii Shooting Gallery every time that there is a new release. The download count on MediaFire is beautifully high.

Release Notes

1.9- Hogan Hard is old Very Hard, Very Hard now has targets appear in a 3x3 grid - Target Animation fixed - Target modes cleaned up and now work alot better - A REAL menu - Highscores are saved - Control Scheme Changes - Incorporation of The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library - There should no longer be any crashes/code dumps - More bug fixes - Wii Shoot In Space is more complete - Open Source

1.8 - Highscoring System - Basic Enemies for Wii Shoot In Space - Hogans New Alley Difficulty Modified - Compatible With HBC 9

1.7.5 - Private Release - 2 Graphical Bugs Fixed - Bug Fix - GUI Rewritten, still ugly, but more functional - Classic Controller support added - Full Nunchuk Support added to the GUI - Full Wiimote only support for each mode - Zapper is much less cumbersome to use - Difficulty Option added for Hogans New Alley and Wii Shoot In Space in place of the animation option - Targets modes have all been fixed

1.7 - Private Release - Bug Fix - Rumbling Option Added - Time Option Added - Hogans New Alley - Slight Control Change - Menu Text Realigned - Simple Prototype of Wii Shoot In Space - Some of the original artwork has been changed

1.4 - Crisscross and Teleporting Targets added - Animation option added - User Generated Backgrounds added - Slight Control Change - Menu text has been somewhat centered - Multiple crosshairs have been enabled

1.1 - Bug Fix - New Art - Icon - Visible/Invisible Crosshair Option - Slight Control Change - Scoring

1.0 - Bug Fix - First Public Release

0.9 - Bug Fix

0.8 - Crazy Targets Works

0.5 - Horizontal and Vertical Moving Targets Work

0.35 - GUI works

0.3 - Still Targets Works

0.1 - The Sprite is drawn correctly where the Wiimote points


Coding and Original Concept and Design by Arikado

Artwork by WarpedFlash


http://forum.wiibrew.org/read.php?17,1025 Official Forum Thread

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