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''{{dablink|This article is about the channel that returns to WiiUMode. For the Wii U Menu itself, see [https://wiiubrew.org/wiki/System_Menu System Menu] on WiiUBrew}}''
{{Infobox channel
{{Infobox channel
| title      = Wii U Menu
| title      = Wii U Menu

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Wii U Menu
TypeGeneral channel
Installed fromSystem Update

Wii U Menu is a channel installed in every vWii that exits back to Wii U mode. It was put there so that people do not need to search everywhere for how to return to the Wii U Menu, and so that less modifications to the System Menu would be necessary.

Hacking Wii U Mode

Because it is possible to take over the ARM core via a cIOS, it may seem that it is possible to use the mechanism used by this channel to disable the hardware protection that blocks Wii U mode. However, all this channel actually does is reboot the system, meaning the only way to clear the protection register is to reboot, clearing all code and preventing a cIOS from taking over. It may be possible to hack Wii U Mode by modifying some wires, but there are currently easier ways to hack it.