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Wiituka is the first release of a fantastic emulator of this 8bit computer, developed by D_Skywalk

Usually noob user, feel sad with computer emulator, because the doesn't even know how to RUN games.. we Wiituka issue is solved.. because automatically download the games, and execute it like!! "Virtual Console" or Hombrew Browser!!! also using the Gunstick Emulation with the wiimote is incredible!!!

Current Wiituka Features:

   * Is like real an Amstrad CPC 6128.
   * A comfortable Interface that tries to resemble "Virtual Console"
   * With online support, download your games from coach.
   * First emulator with CPC Gunstick Emulation (Yeah!)
   * And the first Wii program that emulates a Green Monitor (Wtf!?!)

And in the next Version:

   * Redefine WiiMote Keys
   * Game List with Screenshots
   * Snapshot (and tape?) Support
   * Roms details, votes and many more!