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Hollywood Registers
Access size32 bits
Byte orderBig Endian
Hollywood10, 11
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The Hollywood chipset includes 24 general purpose I/O lines with interrupt capability. Two sets of registers are provided, and the Broadway only has access to one set. This set accesses a configurable subset of the IO pins, which the Starlet can select.

Register list

Hollywood GPIOs
Address Bits Name Description
0x0d8000c0 32 HW_GPIOB_OUT GPIO Outputs (Broadway access)
0x0d8000c4 32 HW_GPIOB_DIR GPIO Direction (Broadway access)
0x0d8000c8 32 HW_GPIOB_IN GPIO Inputs (Broadway access)
0x0d8000cc 32 HW_GPIOB_INTLVL GPIO Interrupt Levels (Broadway access)
0x0d8000d0 32 HW_GPIOB_INTFLAG GPIO Interrupt Flags (Broadway access)
0x0d8000d4 32 HW_GPIOB_INTMASK GPIO Interrupt Masks (Broadway access)
0x0d8000d8 32 HW_GPIOB_STRAPS GPIO Straps (Broadway access)
0x0d8000dc 32 HW_GPIO_ENABLE GPIO Enable (Starlet only)
0x0d8000e0 32 HW_GPIO_OUT GPIO Outputs (Starlet only)
0x0d8000e4 32 HW_GPIO_DIR GPIO Direction (Starlet only)
0x0d8000e8 32 HW_GPIO_IN GPIO Inputs (Starlet only)
0x0d8000ec 32 HW_GPIO_INTLVL GPIO Interrupt Levels (Starlet only)
0x0d8000f0 32 HW_GPIO_INTFLAG GPIO Interrupt Flags (Starlet only)
0x0d8000f4 32 HW_GPIO_INTMASK GPIO Interrupt Masks (Starlet only)
0x0d8000f8 32 HW_GPIO_STRAPS GPIO Straps (Starlet only)
0x0d8000fc 32 HW_GPIO_OWNER GPIO Owner Select (Starlet only)

Pin connections

"Direction" and "PPC access" are based on typical values that IOS assigns to the HW_GPIO_OWNER and HW_GPIO_DIR registers.

Bit Mask Direction PPC access Connection Description
0 0x000001 IN No POWER Power button input (pulse width limited; will not detect a held-down state).
1 0x000002 OUT No SHUTDOWN Output high to turn system off (Power LED = red).
2 0x000004 OUT No FAN Fan power, active high.
3 0x000008 OUT No DC_DC DC/DC converter power, active high (powers the Broadway?[check]). When off, also triggers the Yellow power LED.
4 0x000010 OUT No DI_SPIN DI spinup disable. If clear, the drive attempts to spin up a disc when reset (if there is one in the drive). If set, the drive ignores a present disc when reset.
5 0x000020 OUT Yes SLOT_LED Blue disc slot LED, active high.
6 0x000040 IN No EJECT_BTN Eject button (pulse width limited). Button press will also trigger the drive directly.
7 0x000080 IN Yes SLOT_IN Disc slot optical detector. High if disc in drive, disc being inserted, or disc still in slot after eject. Temporarily low when inserting or exiting when the hole in the middle of the disc passes above the sensor.
8 0x000100 OUT Yes SENSOR_BAR Sensor bar, active high.
9 0x000200 OUT Yes DO_EJECT Pulse high to trigger a DI eject from software.
10 0x000400 OUT No EEP_CS SEEPROM Chip Select.
11 0x000800 OUT No EEP_CLK SEEPROM Clock.
12 0x001000 OUT No EEP_MOSI Data to SEEPROM.
13 0x002000 IN No EEP_MISO Data from SEEPROM.
14 0x004000 OUT Yes AVE_SCL A/V Encoder I²C Clock.
15 0x008000 I/O Yes AVE_SDA A/V Encoder I²C Data (has an external pull-up, so you should only drive it low).
16 0x010000 OUT No DEBUG0 Debug Testpoint TP221.
17 0x020000 OUT No DEBUG1 Debug Testpoint TP222.
18 0x040000 OUT No DEBUG2 Debug Testpoint TP223.
19 0x080000 OUT No DEBUG3 Debug Testpoint TP224.
20 0x100000 OUT No DEBUG4 Debug Testpoint TP225.
21 0x200000 OUT No DEBUG5 Debug Testpoint TP226.
22 0x400000 OUT No DEBUG6 Debug Testpoint TP219.
23 0x800000 OUT No DEBUG7 Debug Testpoint TP220.

Register descriptions

HW_GPIO_ENABLE (0x0d8000dc)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

The bits of this register indicate whether specific GPIO pins are enabled. The typical value is 0xFFFFFF, to enable all pins.

HW_GPIO_OUT (0x0d8000e0)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

This register contains the output value for all pins. These only take effect if the pin is configured as an output.

HW_GPIO_DIR (0x0d8000e4)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

A '1' bit for a pin indicates that it will behave as an output (drive), while a '0' bit tristates the pin and it becomes a high-impedance input.

HW_GPIO_IN (0x0d8000e8)
  3124 230
Access U R

This register can be read to obtain the current input value of the GPIO pins.

HW_GPIO_INTLVL (0x0d8000ec)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

Configures the pin state that causes an interrupt. If a bit is set in this register, the pin causes an interrupt when high. A zero causes the opposite behavior.

HW_GPIO_INTFLAG (0x0d8000f0)
  3124 230
Access U R/Z

Bits in this register indicate which pins have triggered their interrupt flags. Write one to clear a bit back to zero. The bits can only be cleared if the pin is in the idle state: if the pin state equals the value in the HW_GPIO_INTLVL register, then the corresponding bit in HW_GPIO_INTFLAG will be stuck at one until the pin state reverts or the value in HW_GPIO_INTLVL is inverted. Once the pin is idle, the bits in this register may be cleared by writing one to them.

HW_GPIO_INTMASK (0x0d8000f4)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

Only the bits set in this register propagate their interrupts to the master Hollywood GPIO interrupt (#11). All other pin interrupts are ignored, although the interrupt state can still be queried and cleared in HW_GPIO_INTFLAG. Note: Pins configured for Broadway access do not generate Hollywood IRQ #11. Instead, they generate Hollywood IRQ #10. In other words, the IRQ generation logic for #11 is HW_GPIO_INTMASK & HW_GPIO_INTFLAG & ~HW_GPIO_OWNER.

HW_GPIO_STRAPS (0x0d8000f8)
  3124 230
Access U R

This register appears to contain the input state at some point in time, possibly power-on or interrupt or something like that. Writes do not seem possible.

HW_GPIO_OWNER (0x0d8000fc)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

This register configures which pins can be controlled by the HW_GPIOB registers. A one bit configures the pin for control via the HW_GPIOB registers, which lets it be accessed by the Broadway. A zero bit restricts access to the HW_GPIO registers, which are Starlet-only. The HW_GPIO registers always have read access to all pins, but any writes (changes) must go through the HW_GPIOB registers if the corresponding bit is set in the HW_GPIO_OWNER register.

HW_GPIOB_OUT (0x0d8000c0)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

HW_GPIOB_DIR (0x0d8000c4)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

HW_GPIOB_IN (0x0d8000c8)
  3124 230
Access U R

HW_GPIOB_INTLVL (0x0d8000cc)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

HW_GPIOB_INTFLAG (0x0d8000d0)
  3124 230
Access U R/Z

HW_GPIOB_INTMASK (0x0d8000d4)
  3124 230
Access U R/W

HW_GPIOB_STRAPS (0x0d8000d8)
  3124 230
Access U R

These registers operate identically to their HW_GPIO counterparts above, but they only control the pins which have their respective HW_GPIO_OWNER bits set to 1. They can be accessed by the Broadway as well as the Starlet. The master interrupt feeds to the Hollywood GPIOB interrupt (#10). The generation logic would be HW_GPIOB_INTFLAG & HW_GPIOB_INTMASK, with an implicit AND with HW_GPIO_OWNER since the GPIOB registers are already masked with the HW_GPIO_OWNER register.

When switching owners, copying of the data is not necessary. For example, if pin 0 has certain configuration in the HW_GPIO registers, and that bit is then set in the HW_GPIO_OWNER register, those settings will immediately be visible in the HW_GPIOB registers. There is only one set of data registers, and the HW_GPIO_OWNER register just controls the access that the HW_GPIOB registers have to that data.