Splatter Castle

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Splatter Castle
Splatter Castle Icon.png
TypePlatform game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Splatter castle is a platform game for Wii, still in development. Use at your own risk.


WiimoteHorizontal.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Move
Wiimote 2 Button Jump
Wiimote 1 Button Attack
Wiimote D-Pad Up + Wiimote 1 Button Special weapon
Wiimote B Button Back Dash
Wiimote HOME Button HOME menu (up/down to change, 2 to confirm choice)


Development Notes


  • Sound - a single music track and limited sound effects.
  • Ability to save to the SD card.
  • Kind of short, and lacking in enemy types.
  • Enemy collisions are still a little awkward.

Stuff that will be in next release

  • (no information yet)

Added in v.20100402

  • Sound effects (hooray!)
  • More backgrounds
  • Rain effect
  • New/tweaked areas, new enemies

Added in v.20100324b

  • Oops, I included the wrong binary. Updated to fix.

Added in v.20100324

  • Early sound support.
  • Save points (removed lives system).
  • Removed weapon shop (the weapons will return in some form later)
  • New Enemies, new graphics
  • Candles/enemies can drop more than a basic weapon energy item (though the levels haven't been greatly updated for this yet)
  • Levels changed, redesigned
  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Breakable blocks
  • Stairs - crude and lacking proper graphics, but a good start.

Added in v.20090225

  • Various tweaks.
  • Improved player collision with blocks.
  • New Enemies:
    • Will-O-the-Wisp
    • Turbo Zombies
  • The skeleton's bones now bounce, and there are skeletons with different weapons.
  • New Levels
  • Added lives system. If you run out of lives, you'll continue at the start of the level.
  • Item shop (WIP). For now, everything is free, and most are similar to each other.

Added in v.20090127

  • Backdash (press B)
  • Increased the size of the player and some monsters (*1.25) This will allow more detail at some point.
  • Fixed a block collision bug
  • Weapon hits (a little) more precisely
  • Fixed a bug preventing 'game over' when you die
  • Greatly reduced HP
  • Enemy: Leap Spiders
  • Boss: The Tyrant
  • Crouching attack
  • Removed a bunch of redundant stuff; this version is smaller (oops)

Ideas / Stuff I may or may not add

(If you have some ideas, feel free to put them on the talk page.)

  • More blood and gore
  • More weapons for both the player and monsters
  • Item shop - buy weapons, skills
  • Traps
  • "Rounds" for replay value. Changes based on number of times game is completed.
  • Sorcerer player character. (In development)


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