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This file contains data used by the WC24 mail engine. The following list is the mail engine URLs contained in this file. Like most other WC24 URLs, you need the internal KD SSL client certificate to access the servers.

All URLs, except account.cgi, are now defunct as of 2013.

File structure

Start End Length Description
0x0 0x3 0x4 Magic big-endian 0x57634366 "WcCf"
0x4 0x7 0x4 Version of config file. Release IOS have it as 8.
0x8 0xf 0x8 Wii's friend code/NWC24 ID, stored as 64-bit integer.
0x10 0x13 0x4 NWC24 ID generation, this is incremented before a new ID is calculated (normally when a system format is performed).
0x14 0x17 0x4 1 = ID is not registered yet, 2 = ID has been registered.
0x18 0x57 0x40 The Wii E-Mail address domain, includes the '@'.
0x58 0x77 0x20 passwd - returned from "GET /cgi-bin/account.cgi?mlid=<mlid>" - sent with send/receive/delete
0x78 0x9b 0x24 mlchkid - Only used for check, sent over HTTP.
0x9c 0x31b 0x280 5 HTTP(S) URLs for the mail engine, max 0x80 bytes each.
0x31c 0x3f7 0xdc Reserved
0x3f8 0x3fb 0x4 Normally set to zero when sysmenu creates this config file. Enables WC24 title booting when non-zero. KD can't change this field since the function that sets it isn't used, and sysmenu doesn't change this.
0x3fc 0x3ff 0x4 Checksum, this is the sum of the whole file excluding the checksum. This is similar to the NANDBOOTINFO and state.dat checksums.

A Kaitai struct for the above table can be found at https://github.com/RiiConnect24/Kaitai-Files/blob/master/Kaitais/nwc24msg.ksy.