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|reldatejap      = November 19, 2006
|reldatejap      = November 19, 2006
|reldateeur      = December 19, 2006
|reldateeur      = December 19, 2006
|sysmenuios      = 9
|sysmenuios      = 9]]<br>[[IOS10]] (Japan only)<span style="display:none">
|olderver        = System Menu Unknown Prelaunch
|olderver        = System Menu Unknown Prelaunch
|newerver        = 2.0
|newerver        = 2.0

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1.0 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 19, 2006

JAP Flag.png November 19, 2006

EUR Flag.png December 19, 2006
System Menu IOSIOS9
IOS10 (Japan only)]]
Version History
Preceded bySystem Menu Unknown Prelaunch
Succeeded by2.0

System Menu 1.0 was the system menu that was include with the Wiis on Launch Day. Only a handful of channels were available (Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel), and some not even activated yet (WiiShop Channel, Weather Channel, and News Channel).


November 19, 2006

  • The Disc Channel has a different icon that cycles between showing the "Wii" logo for a few seconds and showing a grey disc.
  • "Launch-Day" menu shipped with early Wiis. (Does not report a version number.)
  • No weather, news or shop channel available, Updates was only able through the update options in the internet settings.
  • Launching channels was a lot faster on 1.0U. There is no delay, If you press start on a channel, it immediatly goes to black, with the banner music still playing. This was fixed in the 1.0E and 1.0J


If you have a System Menu below 3.2 and wish to upgrade, use AnyRegion Changer to update.

WARNING: Be advised that if your system is shipped with 4.0 preinstalled, you can not downgrade and will brick your console.

If you have a System Menu above 3.2 and wish to downgrade, AnyRegion Changer can do this too, and it appears to do a more thorough job than some other tools. See WiiBrew:FAQ#Downgrading?.