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1.0 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 19, 2006

JAP Flag.png December 2, 2006

EUR Flag.png December 7, 2006
System Menu IOSIOS9
IOS10 (Japan only)]]
Version History
Preceded bySystem Menu Unknown Prelaunch
Succeeded by2.0

1.0 was the "update" containing the set of titles included with the Wiis on Launch Day. It was also likely what was installed by the Wii Startup Disc. Only a handful of channels were available (Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel), and some not even activated yet (Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, and News Channel).

System Menu 1.0 has no version listed; this version is assumed to be 1.0 due to the next update being 2.0, but some people simply refer to this as the "Default" update. The lack of a version label may have been to avoid confusion of offline users, and also the reason there is no option to perform an update on 1.0U.

Differences from modern versions

November 19, 2006

  • The Disc Channel has a different icon that cycles between showing the "Wii" logo for a few seconds and showing a grey disc.
  • "Launch-Day" menu shipped with early Wiis. (Does not report a version number.)
  • No weather, news or shop channel available, Updates was only able through the update options in the internet settings.
  • Launching channels was a lot faster on 1.0U. There is no delay, If you press start on a channel, it immediately goes to black, with the banner music still playing. This was fixed in 1.0E and 1.0J.
  • No version string or update button in the settings. Updates can only be done by performing a connection test.