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TypePC utility
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ARCTool is a Python script for extracting Yaz0, RARC, and U8 archives. These are used in many Nintendo games, and sometimes have the extension arc, hence the name.


The inspiration for this tool came about when I wrote a RARC extractor and realized that all the files I wanted to extract were U8, but they still had the arc extension.

I have confirmed Yaz0 and U8 support to be 100% working. RARC works, but I have not verified its output against another tool to be absolutely sure.


Python 2.5 or higher (not Python 3.x however). Download Python for your OS here.

Tested with Python 2.5 and 2.6 on Mac OS X 10.5.8. It should work with Windows and Linux with a suitable version of Python installed.


python [-q] [-o <output>] <inputfile>


--version: show program's version number and exit<br>
-h, --help: show this help message and exit<br>
-o OF, --output=OF: write archive to FILE<br>
-q, --quiet: don't print anything (except errors)

Known Bugs

None yet :D

If you find one, message me on IRC (nick is tpw_rules) or leave a note on the talk page.

Thanks To

  • #python on freenode for helping me with some stupid mistakes.
  • #wiidev for, again, helping me with stupid mistakes (and not so stupid ones).
  • YAGCD and the WiiBrew wiki for documentation and example code on the various formats.
  • Magicus for parse-u8.c which I used for testing.
  • Everybody else I forgot.