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[[File:wiishop_pc.png|thumb|right|Browing in the Wii Shop Channel]]
[[File:wiishop_pc.png|thumb|right|Broswing in the Wii Shop Channel]]
This page gives a how-to on accessing the [[Wii Shop Channel]] from your PC.
This page gives a how-to on accessing the [[Wii Shop Channel]] from your PC.

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Broswing in the Wii Shop Channel

This page gives a how-to on accessing the Wii Shop Channel from your PC.

What you need:

First, get "Wii NWC Prod 1" from here: https://ariankordi.net/cert/ and install it, certificate password is "alpine"

Then, change your browser user agent to "Opera/9.30 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 2077-4; Wii Shop Channel/21.0(A); en)"

Next, go to these pages in order:

1. https://oss-auth.shop.wii.com/oss/serv/index.jsp

2. https://oss-auth.shop.wii.com/oss/serv/CheckRegistered.jsp

3. https://oss-auth.shop.wii.com/oss/serv/Register.jsp?country=US&region=2&language=en&age=&serial=

Then try to go to https://oss-auth.shop.wii.com/oss/serv/W_01.jsp?country=US&region=2&language=en&age=&serial= and it should work


Any valid Nintendo title ID works, since it queries the entire Nintendo ecommerce database


This is a Switch title, and it doesn't show its name but it shows its title ID, it would show nothing if it didn't exist, so it exists.