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| title      = [[Benzin/Laichzeit|Laichzeit]]
| title      = [[Benzin/Laichzeit|Laichzeit]]
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Author(s)SquidMan, megazig
TypePC Utility
[[On Benzin's Git repository|Source]]

Laichzeit is an open source banner generation API for the PC. It is being created by SquidMan, and megazig. Some code from icefire was used, namely, the IMET, IMD5, and U8 packer.


Laichzeit does not aim to completely replace Benzin, but be more of a supplement for those who want an easier control (if you know how to code that is). Laichzeit does, however, intend to be used to create complex banners quickly.


Currently, Laichzeit is not usable. The API is practically complete, you could probably start writing your banners already even, however the code to transform that into a fully function banner is not done yet. Hopefully this will be done soon.


There are no binaries for Laichzeit and never will, considering it is a build-in library. If you ask, we will make fun of you. All source code, examples, and future documentation will be on Benzin's Git repository at http://github.com/SquidMan/benzin/

How to contribute

Start making banners! Tell your friends about it! And if you happen to find a bug, or just want to say thanks, join #HACKERCHANNEL on EFnet (yes we like to make fun of ARGON).