Bootmii Booter

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BootMii Booter
Author(s)DacoTaco, Crediar
TypeSystem tool
Loads files from the Front SD slot

Bootmii Booter is (just another) small (almost useless) program meant to be chosen as installed file in preloader. It boots the Bootmii IOS using a IOS_LaunchNewIOS. Using this as installed application makes it so you don't have to start the Homebrew Channel and then load Bootmii.

How To Use

Place the dol in the root of your SD

Start preloader

Install the dol (load/install file)

Boot the app by choosing "installed file"

(note that you must have your SD inserted even if you installed this app in preloader)

Known Issues

Although this application is as easy as it gets (in core just a IOS_LaunchNewIOS() call) it still has (?) bugs . unknown if these are problems on my side or in preloader 0.29.

  • crash when preloader starts the app and a wiimote is synced. ( once seen it still booted bootmii anyway )