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Dungeons is an mini RPG for the Wii with some WiiMote supports. The aim is to find all red orbs and fight the last Boss. Fight monsters and power up your skills. The most important thing is to find out witch values are the best. Find keys and open doors in this labyrints of chaos and become a hero.


Hint: You can hold the Wiimote horizontal or vertical. But only while you move through the dungeons. For all other aktions hold the mote "normal".

Wiimote1.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad move around
Wiimote A Button confirm somting
Wiimote B Button open the option menu
Wiimote 2 Button Run away from battles
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Game

Follow the advice on the screen if there is an other situation than moving or fighting.

Knowing Bugs

  • some graphical glitchs
  • the game is not well balanced
  • the game starts in the same map everytime

NO Bugs but features

  • the game is hard
  • the game is short
  • hands hurts after a few time
  • no equipment



  • first release (first game for wii and first game in pure C by iron hand ;) )
  • main engine completed (i hope)
  • you can reach level 10 (you can play along but no new monster or maps appear)
  • there are 15 orbs

in game shoots

http://www.iron-hand.de/Games/dungeons/dss.jpg (and yea this is an flashlight no in game grafic)