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Author(s)WiiCrazy / I.R.on
TypePC utility

Windows port of segher's tachtig & twintig, Unpack and pack savefiles, easy obtaining of files used by tachtig & twintig


  • Run Xyzzy from Homebrew Channel to create keys.txt on SD memory card. Only need to run once if files are retained.
  • Use Gecko OS to reboot with nocopyflags; copy save(s) to SD memory card.
  • Copy keys.txt and libeay32.dll from OpenSSL to FE100 folder.
  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package x86.
  • Run FE100KeyGrabber.exe to create key files that FE100 can use to unpack / pack the save files. Only need to run once if files are retained.
  • Run FE100.exe to unpack / pack data.bin files.

Saves with nocopy folders

  • 0.2b version has a problem packing saves that has nocopy folders or any folder. Here is the bugfixed version : FE100-folder-bugfix .

And here is the source patch

- is_dir = ((*de).data).dwFileAttributes == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY;
+ is_dir = (((*de).data).dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)>0;