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GameCube Controller
Loads data from Front SD Slot

This is just a small Front SD ELF loader with a menu, written by Sven Peter, svpe #wiidev@efnet/blitzed,

There are probably still some bugs so don't blame me if something goes wrong.

See COPYING for the license (GNU GPL 2; and _only_ version 2)


Create an "elf" directory (all letters in lower-case, don't include quotes) on your SD card and put all your ELF files in there. Load the tp-hack-loader.elf with the twilight hack or the trucha-disc-loader.dol with a trucha signed disc.

If you want to compile it yourself you just need to type 'make' in the root directory. Precompiled elf and dol binaries are included.

The miniloader/ is just a quick hack to make this work with trucha discs because the apploader i used didn't seem to support a non-standard entry point. The real loader with the front SD code is in the loader/ directory.

When using the homebrew channel you might need to use the trucha-disc-loader.dol or build the miniloader/miniloader.elf file yourself.


  • Internal SD stuff by bushing, marcan and maybe some more people. I just reversed the twilight hack elf loader.
  • FatFs by
  • ELF loading code taken from Geckoloader by dhewg, #wiidev at efnet. Written by dhewg, tmbinc and William L. Pitts
  • People from #wiidev who helped me with a few problems ;)


  • v0.4
    • Some bugfixes
  • v0.2a
    • Wiimote shutdown code from this wiki added
  • v0.2
    • Video mode detection (should work on PAL TVs now)
    • Faster ELF loading due to removed debug printfs


Unofficial versions by GizmoTheGreen

GameCube Controller
Loads data from Front SD Slot

These versions are not supported by svpe, but GizmoTheGreen, also #wiidev, or gizmothegreen [at]


  • v0.35
    • Added the miniloader again
    • Now only one A press
    • Even more beginner friendly (error retry)
    • Trial, give feedback please.
  • v0.3
    • Skips double "Press A.." before file listing
    • If SD card or something else fails:
Start + Z reloads TP loader to try again.


Unofficial versions by

Wii Remote
Loads data from Front SD Slot

Unofficial Mod by

  • Added Wiimote support

/!\ Wiimote support with wiiuse being pretty unstable, this version is also very unstable. I just created it for those who have no gamecube pad and can't launch different elf without renaming it in 'boot.elf'.

A way to make this work :

  • when asked to press 1&2, do it slowly, wait 5 second, re-do it, wait 5 seconds... until the leds switch on
  • wait for the sync
  • when asked to press A, wait about 10 seconds and then press A
  • use up and down to choose the elf file
  • wait about 10 seconds, then press A

/!\ I have only tested it on few elf files, and with the TP hack.

Have fun !!!

(Also, alternatively when prompted to press 1&2, you may press the red button on the wii [next to the front sd slot] and on the wiimote [underneath the battery cover]. Koziasty.)