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Game Framework
TypeFramework library
Screen Shot from v0.01

What is it?

This is a framework guide for programmers - using things like XML, Fonts, Images and the Standard Template Library.
STL is a C++ library of container classes, algorithms, and iterators.

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The framework is basically my ‘Bolt Thrower’ game stripped of all its guts, I’ve also removed anything yet unfinished or confusing for this guide.

  • Easy support images – using image library Tga, Pnu & Jpg pictures.
  • Supports optimised fonts – using font manager
  • Supports dynamically generated XML variables - banish hard coded variables with no need to recompile
  • Initialises the Wii
  • Simplifies screen updating
  • Provides a 3D camera interface
  • Debug support
  • Uses techniques like Hash Strings, STL containers & Singletons
  • Little-endian file support

Things you’ll find in the package

  • makefonts.bat - (uses FontTool.exe to create a few example fonts)
  • CompileAndRun.bat (Creates and runs a dol via WiiLoad, see makefile)
  • Source - (this is all the code, including TinyXML source)
  • lib - (extra 3rd party libs needed for this package to compile)
  • Things_For_SD_Card - (Working example for launching via homebrew channel)
  • makefile - (The projects rules for compiling)

How do I download it?

Download the framework package here or via the infobox

BoltThrowerIcon.png FridgeMagnets.png HighOctaneIcon.png GameFrameWork.png