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  • AES - Advanced Encryption Standard is a block cipher adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. government. It is used for encryption by the Wii. Read more at Wikipedia.
  • AES-CBC-128 - The CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode of AES with a 128 bit key, that is used by the Wii.
  • Broadway - Le nom de code du principale PowerPC processeur.
  • Hollywood - Le nom de code du GPU de la Wii. Développé par ATI, et inclue Starlet.
  • IOS - ( Internetwork Operating System) Le systeme d' exploitation qui fait tourné le coprocesseur Starlet dans Hollywood. Lisez plus ici IOS page.
  • MIOS - The compatibility IOS that runs while the Broadway is running in GameBut
  • Starlet - The unofficial name for the ARM coprocessor located in the Hollywood, which is responsible for the peripheral access and security control. Read more at the Starlet page.
  • TMD - Title Metadata. A format used for storing metadata about a title, including which contents they consist of and their SHA1 hashes.
  • Title - A title is a Wii game on a disc, a Wii channel or a virtual console game. A title is identified by a unique title ID. The format is described at the Tmd file structure page.
  • Title ID - A 8 byte long identifier which uniquely identifies a title. The four first bytes are typically 00 01 00 01, and the last four is typically made up by uppercase letters, where the first letter indicate the kind of title (Wii games, channels or VCs for a specific emulator) and the last the region. See The Virtual Console (Internal game names) for details.
  • VC - Console virtuelle.