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| peripherals = {{LesPaul}}{{USBKeyboard}}
| peripherals = {{LesPaul}}{{USBKeyboard}}
| hbb        = yes

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With free songs. (27.3MB) GOF_NoSongs_0.1a.zip

Without songs. (0.8MB)|Download]]
[[GOF_Source_0.1a.zip (2.8MB)|Source]]
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Les Paul ControllerUSB Keyboard


GuitarsOnFire is a GuitarHero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses FretsOnFire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet. Everything will be released under GPL.


In it's current state it supports playing single songs from SD card. Up to 5 players in quick play mode. With 4 guitars and 1 USB keyboard. It has no lag and all the notes are perfect on time.

Current 0.1alpha release lacks one important feature, which is the fact that you cannot fail.

0.1alpha bugs

  • No wait to fail yet
  • Sometimes (very rarely) crashes when loading a song
  • With only an USB keyboard you cannot start a song, as the keyboard doesn't have a 'menu'/'+' key mapped.
  • Some random tick noise at the end of a song.

Included songs


This is my personal wishlist, or todo list. If you have a wish, then add it on the talk page.

  • Improve GFX, I already use some GFX from FretsOnFire and I might take some from GuitarFun.
  • Fix scoring system
  • More gamemodes
    • Coop (Single song, Gig)
    • 5 player versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • 2 vs 2 versus (Single song and Gig mode)
    • Last man standing (Playing song after song until everyone but 1 has failed)
  • Reading songs from USB drives and (CDs?) DVDs
  • Support for 2 USB keyboards, I think it's possible, but requires hacking of Libwiikeyboard library.
  • Configurable keymap

Low priority

  • Highscore lists
  • Online play