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TypePC utility

hbcxmlgen is a Bash script for creating the Homebrew Channel's meta.xml files.

Along with just making the meta.xml file, it also

  • can be installed to /usr/bin so you can run it from anywhere just by typing hbcxmlgen
  • checks if meta.xml already exists in the current directory, and asks if you want to overwrite it
  • notifies you if you need write permissions to write in the current directory before you enter all the meta.xml information
  • enforces the entering of the release date by making sure you input 14 characteres (YYYYmmddMMDDSS)

Also, a bug: You must run install.sh from the directory that hbcxmlgen.sh is in. Otherwise:

mcpancakes@desktop:/$ /usbhdd/Programming/hbcxmlgen/install.sh -i
Copying to /usr/bin/hbcxmlgen ...
[sudo] password for mcpancakes: 
cp: cannot stat `hbcxmlgen.sh': No such file or directory

It won't really be installed. They come together in the same archive anyway, and are extracted to the same place, so just take the time to cd to the directed you unpacked it in and run ./install.sh from there.


|   hbcxmlgen   |   --->  by mcpancakes

hbcxmlgen is a bash script for assisting in the creation of the Homebrew Channel's
"meta.xml" files. If you run the installer, you get easy access to it no matter what
your current working directory may be.

| (Un)Installation |

install.sh parameters:
   -i = install
   -u = uninstall

$ sh install.sh -i |-u
$ bash install.sh -i | -u

| Running |

Once installed:
  $ hbcxmlgen

If not installed:
  $ ./hbcxmlgen.sh
  $ [dir of script]/hbcxmlgen.sh

| Feedback |


This is the first "formal" release of any programming I've ever done, so feedback
would be appreciated!


r2 - fixed issue of the wrongly always-appearing "Write privileges required" message. (released ~8 hours after r1). Sorry to the 11 who already downloaded it :\ . When write privileges are required, running with sudo breaks the conditional statements for some odd reason. su works though, but just remember to exit when you're done making the meta.xml file.
r1 - initial release.


HBCXMLGen is Pinecone's Java-based program that serves the same purpose as hbcxmlgen.

Pinecone: If you want me to change the name, just say so. It was yours first, after all ;)