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== Homebrew Apps in HBB ==
== Homebrew Apps in HBB ==
Chronological log below. [[:Category:Homebrew in Homebrew Browser|Alphabetical list.]]
[[Homebrew_Browser/app_history|See Here]]
{| class="wikitable"
! width="80px"| Date Added
! Application
| 12 September 2010
*[[BootMii Configuration Editor|BootMii Configuration Editor v2.6]]
*[[DiiLC|DiiLC v1.2]]
*HomebrewFilter v0.1 r11
*[[Hypno Blast|Hypno Blast v0.2]]
*[[RedSquare|RedSquare v0.98]]
*[[SaveGame_Manager_GX|SaveGame Manager GX r85]]
*Scape v1.31
*[[SpaceBubble|SpaceBubble v0.96]]
*[[SysCheck|SysCheck v2.0.1]]
*[[TowerDefense|TowerDefense v0.96]]
*[[WiiXplorer|WiiXplorer r203]]
*[[Yabause Wii|Yabause Wii r2604 beta11]]
| 5 September 2010
*[[MPlayer CE|MPlayer Christmas Edition r592]]
*[[Robi|Robi v0.6]]
*[[WiiDoom|WiiDoom v0.4.5]]
*WiiMC Channel Installer v1.4
*WiiPeng v1.0
| 29 August 2010
*[[Avoidance|Avoidance v1.1]]
*[[Engine02|Engine02 v10.08.29]]
*[[Hexen Wii|Hexen Wii v0.5]]
*[[MazeOfGaliousWii|Maze of Galious Wii v0.63.3]]
*PiX Dash v2.0
*[[TetWiis|TetWiis v1.0]]
*<s>Yabause Wii r2604 beta8</s>
*Zelda Classic 1.90 Wii via DosBOX v1.0
| 23 August 2010
*[[DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player v0.2 Alpha]]
*FCE Ultra GX Channel Installer v1.0
*GRRLIB 4.3.0 Promote Intro v1.0
*[[Heretic Wii|Heretic Wii v0.5]]
*<s>Hypno Blast v0.1</s>
*[[QUASI88|QUASI88 v0.6.3 Beta 4]]
*<s>Scape v1.2</s>
*SockDreams v1.0
*<s>SysCheck v2.0</s>
*[[TetriCycle|TetriCycle v0.6b]]
*VBA GX Channel Installer v1.0
*[[WiiMC|WiiMC v1.0.9]]
*<s>Yabause Wii r2604 beta6</s>
| 15 August 2010
*[[BlueMSX-wii|BlueMSX-wii v1.0.2]]
*[[DOSBox Wii|DOSBox Wii v1.4]]
*<s>EEEEK! EEEEEK! HOOOOOOK!!! v1.1</s>
*<s>Engine02 r9</s>
*[[FCE Ultra GX|FCEU v3.2.2]]
*GravityGlide v1.1
*<s>Heretic Wii v0.1</s>
*[[HHexen|HHexen v1.0]]
*[[IOS58 Installer|IOS58 Installer v1.0]]
*[[Powder Toy Wii|Powder Toy Wii v0.1]]
*[[Super Mario War Wii|Super Mario War Wii v1.4]]
*[[Snes9x GX|Snes9xGX v4.2.4]]
*[[Tetris Custom]] v1.0
*Tetrominos v0.5 Beta
*[[The Powder Toy Wii|The Powder Toy Wii v0.1]]
*[[Visual Boy Advance GX|Visual Boy Advance v2.2.2]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r195</s>
| 8 August 2010
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.6</s>
*<s>cIOS Installer v1.0</s>
*DontGetCrushed v1.0
*Rezerwar v0.2
*[[TwoPointFive|TwoPointFive v1.1]]
| 1 August 2010
*[[1bit Invaders|1bitInvaders v2.1]]
*<s>HomebrewFilter v0.1 r7</s>
*<s>Maze of Galious Wii v0.63.2</s>
*[[Revolt Of The Binary Couriers|RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers v1.1]]
*<s>TetriCycle v0.5b</s>
*[[Yahtzwii|Yahtzwii v3.11]]
| 25 July 2010
*<s>FCEU v3.2.1</s>
*<s>HomebrewFilter v0.1 r6</s>
*[[Maze Generator|MazeGenerator v1.1]]
*NCard v0.4
*[[Pineapple Apocalypse RPG|Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1]]
*[[RaveWild|RaveWild v0.3]]
*RockBlueMet RC2
*Sand Traps Extra Levels v1.0
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r79</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.2.3</s>
*<s>TetriCycle v0.4b</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.2.0</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r192</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.6</s>
| 18 July 2010
*[[Accio Hacks|Accio Hacks v0.9.1]]
*ArkanoidFWii v1.5
*[[Dance Clone|Dance Clone v0.5]]
*<s>FCEU v3.1.9</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.2.1</s>
*[http://creep.sourceforge.net The Castles of Dr. Creep SVN-270]
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.8</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.5</s>
*[[WiiSX|WiiSX Beta 2.1]]
*<s>Yahtzwii v3.1</s>
| 11 July 2010
*MP3+G Player v0.95
*[[The Video Game|The Video Game v0.1]]
*[[UFO Racer|UFO Racer v0.3]]
*<s>WiiSX Beta 2</s>
| 4 July 2010
*Console Shooter Beta 1
*<s>Dance Clone v0.4</s>
*[[DeSmuME Wii|DeSmuME Wii r185]]
*[[Riivolution|Riivolution v1.03]]
*[[SuperTux Wii|SuperTux Wii v1.1]]
*TimeFrack2D v1.0
*[[They Do Not Die|They Do Not Die v0.3]]
*[[WiiRadio|WiiRadio v0.6]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r176</s>
| 27 June 2010
*24 Points v0.91
*<s>DOSBox Wii v1.3</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.1.8</s>
*[[Hexxagon|Hexxagon v1.1]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.2.0</s>
*<s>SysCheck v1.6.2</s>
*<s>TheyDoNotDie v0.2</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.7</s>
| 20 June 2010
*[[FridgeMagnets|Fridge Magnets v0.23]]
*[[Hugo-Wii|Hugo-wii v2010.06.14]]
*[[OpenBOR|OpenBOR v3.0.2818]]
*<s>Scape v0.5.2</s>
*<s>TheyDoNotDie v0.1</s>
*<s>UFORacer v0.2</s>
| 14 June 2010
*<s>DiiLC v1.1</s>
*Garnatron v1.7
*<s>GravityGlide v1.0</s>
*Point and No click v0.4
*[[Powder|POWDER v114-1]]
*<s>UFORacer v0.1</s>
*<s>Yahtzwii v3</s>
| 6 June 2010
*<s>DiiLC v1.0</s>
*JellyCar Wii v1.0
*[[JzintvWii|jzintvWii v1.0.0]]
*King of Fighters Flames of Courage v5e
*NanoMechas v0.5
*PixelPlot v1.0
*[[ScummVM|ScummVM v1.1.1]]
*[[Swing Ball|Swing Ball v1.0]]
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.4</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r170</s>
| 30 May 2010
*<s>24 Points v0.1</s>
*<s>DeSmuME Wii r184</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.1.7</s>
*Inuit Wars v0.8
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r68</s>
*<s>Scape v0.4</s>
*[[Snake|Snake2 v2.1a beta]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.1.9</s>
*<s>Swing Ball v0.9</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.6</s>
| 23 May 2010
*<s>1bitInvaders v2.0</s>
*<s>RaveWild v0.2</s>
*[[Super Pixel Jumper|Super Pixel Jumper v1.0]]
*[[That Other Pong|That Other Pong v1.0]]
*[[The Ur-Quan Masters|The Ur-Quan Masters r3185+wii]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r163</s>
| 16 May 2010
*<s>Avoidance v1.0</s>
*[[Bugiin|Bugiin v1.4]]
*<s>Dance Clone v0.3</s>
*[[PixelMerge|PixelMerge v1.0]]
*[[Psycho|Psycho v1.1]]
*[[QuakeGX|Quake GX v0.05]]
*[[Roxoptr2|Roxoptr2 v0.2]]
*<s>WiiDoom v0.4.2</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.3</s>
| 9 May 2010
*[[BlastGuy|BlastGuy v3]]
*Brawl+ Updatifier v1.2 r12
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition r590</s>
*[[Sand Traps|Sand Traps v2.3]]
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.2</s>
| 2 May 2010
*Dario v1.0
*Death Star Run Alpha v1
*<s>Fridge Magnets v0.12</s>
*<s>PixelMerge v0.9</s>
| 23 April 2010
*[[Achtung Wii Kurve|Achtung Wii Kurve v1.3]]
*<s>DeSmuME Wii r154</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition r574</s>
*Ravewild v0.1
*<s>WiiMC v1.0.1</s>
| 18 April 2010
*[[Alien Puzzle Wii|AlienPuzzleWii v0.5]]
*<s>Point and No click v0.3</s>
*<s>POWDER v113-1</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.0</s>
| 10 April 2010
*<s>FCEU v3.1.6</s>
*<s>Fridge Magnets v0.01</s>
*[[LabClone|LabClone v1.0]]
*[[Möle|Mole v0.1]]
*<s>Roxoptr2 v0.2~a2</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r54</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.1.8</s>
*<s>TetriCycle v0.3b</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.5</s>
*[[Wii Double Down|Wii Double Down v2.0]]
*WiiQix v1.0
| 3 April 2010
*[[bibleQuiz|bibleQuiz v0.95]]
*[[DarkCube|DarkCube v1.0]]
*<s>FCEU v3.1.4</s>
*[[Homebrew Sorter|Homebrew Sorter v0.3]]
*[[Pong2|Pong2 v1.0]]
*<s>RedSquare v0.97</s>
*<s>Riivolution v1.02</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.1.6</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.95</s>
*[[User:SpiderDave/Splatter Castle|Splatter Castle v2010.04.02]]
*<s>TowerDefense v0.95</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.3</s>
*[[Wii7800|Wii7800 v0.3]]
| 28 March 2010
*<s>AlienPuzzleWii v0.4</s>
*[[C64-network.org|C64-network.org (Frodo) v2]]
*<s>Riivolution v1.01</s>
*[[SDL MAME Wii|SDL MAME Wii v0.5]]
*<s>Splatter Castle v2010.03.24b</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r142</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii r2411 beta5</s>
*YHAA v0.6
| 20 March 2010
*[[BrawlStats|BrawlStats Beta3]]
*[[FMyLife|FMyLife v0.2.4]]
*GeaVsCodos v1.0
*<s>OpenBOR v3.0.2726</s>
*<s>Point and No click v0.2</s>
*[[Rokoban|Rokoban v0.9]]
*[[UAE Wii|UAE v5.0]]
| 13 March 2010
*[[C64-network.org|C64-network.org (Frodo) v1]]
*[[MegaCodeDownloader|MegaCodeDownloader v0.4]]
*<s>WiiRadio v0.5</s>
*TelesketchFWii v1.0
*<s>WiiXplorer r138</s>
*<s>Yahtzwii v2.11</s>
| 9 March 2010
*[[Bash The Castle|Bash The Castle v1.0]]
*[[Italian Parking|Italian Parking v0.44]]
*<s>Point and No click v0.1</s>
*[[Wiitch|Wiitch v0.1]]
*[[Yabause Wii|Yabause Wii r2411 beta4]]
| 3 March 2010
*<s>BrawlStats Beta2</s>
*[[FTPii|ftpii v0.0.21]]
*[[OpenTyrianWii|OpenTyrianWii v1.7]]
*<s>RedSquare v0.96</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r132</s>
*[[WiiVNC|WiiVNC v1.1]]
| 24 February 2010
*[[User:Tiamattia/ComixChannel|ComixChannel v1.0]]
*<s>MegaCodeDownloader v0.3</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.6</s>
*[[Wii64|Wii64 Beta 1.1]]
*<s>WiiVNC v1.0</s>
| 19 February 2010
*<s>DOSBox Wii v1.2</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.5</s>
*[[PCSX-Revolution|PCSX-Revolution Rev 50]]
*<s>RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers v1.0</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.93</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii r2411 beta3</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r113</s>
| 13 February 2010
*<s>BrawlStats Beta1</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.95</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.94</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r107</s>
| 5 February 2010
*[[Schism Tracker|Schism Tracker v20100202]]
*[[Syobon action wii|Syobon Action v1.0]]
*[[WakeMiiUp|WakeMiiUp v0.6 Beta]]
| 30 January 2010
*<s>OpenBOR v3.0.2645</s>
*[[WiiColEm|WiiColEm v0.1]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r101</s>
*Xav Shooter v0.4 Beta
*<s>Yabause Wii r2411 beta2</s>
| 23 January 2010
*[[Disk Drive Lighter|Disk Drive Lighter v1.0]]
*[[GeckoOS|GeckoOS v1.9.3.1]]
*<s>POWDER v112-1</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.93</s>
*[[Wii Shooting Gallery|Wii Shooting Gallery v2.0]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r97</s>
| 17 January 2010
*[[GuitarsOnFire|GuitarsOnFire v1.1]]
*<s>MegaCodeDownloader v0.2</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.94</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.92</s>
| 10 January 2010
*Road Fighter Wii v1.0
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.93</s>
*<s>Super Mario War Wii v1.3</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.91</s>
*WII Pong v1.0
*[[Wii Web Server|Wii Web Server v1.20 Alpha]]
| 7 January 2010
*[[Categorii|Categorii v2.0]]
*[[Q1Rev|Q1Rev r3]]
*[[Q2CTFRev|Q2CTFRev r1]]
*[[Q2Rev|Q2Rev r2]]
*<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3 Beta 3</s>
*[[QWRev|QWRev r2]]
*NEC PC-9801 Emulator v0.83 Beta3
*[[Super Star Shooter|Super Star Shooter v1.1.0]]
*<s>Yahtzwii v2.1</s>
| 3 January 2010
*[[3DMaze|3D Maze v1.0]]
*<s>Schism Tracker v20100101</s>
*ThreePointO v1.0
*<s>TowerDefense v0.9</s>
*[[WiiXBall|WiiX-Ball v1.0]]
| 29 December 2009
*<s>3D Maze v0.3</s>
*[[GeeXboX|GeeXboX v0.1beta2]]
*<s>Homebrew Sorter v0.2</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.7</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii r2411 beta1</s>
| 25 December 2009
*<s>3D Maze v0.2</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.1.3</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.20</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.1.5</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.6</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.2</s>
| 20 December 2009
*<s>3D Maze v0.1</s>
*<s>TetriCycle v0.2b</s>
*<s>Homebrew Sorter v0.1</s>
| 12 December 2009
*[[Q1Rev|Q1Rev r2]]
*[[Q2Rev|Q2Rev r1]]
*[[QWRev|QWRev r1]]
*[[Stppwii|Stppwii v0.1]]
*<s>TetriCycle|TetriCycle v0.1b</s>
*<s>TwoPointFive v1.0</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.1</s>
| 6 December 2009
*<s>1bitInvaders v1.0</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.1.2</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.1.4</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v2.2</s>
*<s>TetWiis v0.2b</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.1.0</s>
| 2 December 2009
*<s>Dance Clone v0.1</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.11</s>
*[[FlyingSaucers|Flying saucers v1.0]]
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.3 v2</s>
*[[Kidspaint|Kidspaint v2.0]]
*<s>MazeGenerator v1.0</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.13</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.9</s>
*[[WiiMarel|WiiMarel v1.0]]
| 29 November 2009
*Centipede v1.0
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.76</s>
*[[SDL MAME Wii|SDL MAME Wii v0.4]]
*[http://code.google.com/p/shootmii/][[ShootMii|ShootMii v0.9]]
| 24 November 2009
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.94</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.99</s>
*<s>Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.0</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.93</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.92</s>
| 20 November 2009
*[[User:Slappy/Quadrax|Quadrax Wii v0.5]]
*<s>Sand Traps v2.1</s>
*<s>ScummVM v1.0</s>
*<s>TetWiis v0.1b</s>
| 12 November 2009
*[[bootOpera|bootOpera v0.4]]
*<s>Brawl+ Updatifier v1.1 r5</s>
*<s>Flying saucers v0.6</s>
*[[WiiNetPuzzle|WiiNetPuzzle v1.0]]
| 7 November 2009
*[[Aspirin|Aspirin v1.0 (updated for latest HBC)]]
*<s>bootOpera v0.3</s>
*[[Defendguin|Defendguin v0.11b (updated for latest HBC)]]
*<s>Flying saucers v0.5</s>
*[[Mad Bomber|Mad Bomber v0.2.5 (updated for latest HBC)]]
*memView v0.1a
*<s>SDL MAME Wii v0.3.1</s>
*[[SDL Space Invaders|SDL Space Invaders v1.0 (updated for latest HBC)]]
*[[Teeter Torture|Teeter Torture v2005-10-18 (updated for latest HBC)]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r77</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii r2411 alpha9</s>
| 30 October 2009
*<s>DOSBox Wii v1.1</s>
*<s>Flying saucers v0.4</s>
*[[Wiiero|Wiiero v1.3]]
| 24 October 2009
*[[DaShAmAn|Da ShAmAn v1.0]]
*<s>Flying saucers v0.3</s>
*<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3 Beta 1</s>
*<s>UAE v4.0</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r74</s>
*<s>YahtzWii v2.01</s>
| 20 October 2009
*[[Briickout|Briickout v0.2]]
*<s>Flying saucers v0.2</s>
*<s>GeeXboX v0.1alpha8</s>
*[[Helii|Helii v0.2]]
*[[robotfindskitten|robotfindskitten v1.73]]
*<s>YahtzWii v2.0</s>
| 18 October 2009
*<s>Flying saucers v0.1</s>
*MegaZeux v2.82b
*[[Sar|Sar v1.0]]
*[[Smashing!|Smashing! v2]]
*[http://www.wiigamestudio.com Star Catching v1.0]
*[http://www.wiigamestudio.com Wii Squarez v1.0]
| 13 October 2009
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.3</s>
*<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3alpha4</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v2.0.1</s>
*[[SignCheck|SignCheck v0.3b]]
*[[WiiRecipe|WiiRecipe v0.3]]
| 10 October 2009
*<s>DOSBox Wii v1.0</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.10</s>
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.2b</s>
*<s>MegaCodeDownloader v0.1c</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v1.2</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.12</s>
*[[Turnip|Turnip v0.2]]
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.8</s>
*Wii Bash v1.0
| 30 September 2009
*Bit Streamer v0.9
*<s>Briickout v0.1</s>
*[[IOSCheck|IOS Check v1.0]]
*[[Piing|Piing v0.2]]
*<s>Wii64 Beta 1</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r68</s>
*[[Wii-Tac-Toe|Wii-Tac-Toe v0.7]]
| 22 September 2009
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.11</s>
| 20 September 2009
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.93</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.92</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v1.2</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.91</s>
*WiiFont Release Demo v1.1
| 17 September 2009
*<s>DOSBox wii-ports v0.73</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.9</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.10</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.7</s>
*<s>Quadrax Wii v0.4</s>
| 15 September 2009
*<s>Categorii v1.0</s>
*<s>GuitarsOnFire v1.0</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v1.1</s>
*[[Strobe alarm clock|Strobe alarm clock v1.0]]
*<s>WiiXplorer r61</s>
*[[Xeempongwii|Xeempongwii v1.0]]
| 7 September 2009
*[[Headings|Headings v0.2]]
*[[SDL Sopwith|SDL Sopwith v1.7.1-preview2]]
*[[SteadyHand|SteadyHand v1.0]]
| 3 September 2009
*<s>Achtung Wii Kurve v1.2</s>
*GiiBii v0.1
*<s>Headings v0.1</s>
*[[iiii|iiii v2.1]]
*[[Karaokii|Karaokii v005]]
*mapBF v003
*[[PlasmaRaketti|PlasmaRaketti v0.9]]
*[[Plop!|Plop! v1.0]]
*<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3alpha3</s>
*<s>ScummVM v1.0 RC1</s>
*Trinary v0.1
*<s>WiiXplorer Pre Alpha r43</s>
*[[Wiituka|Wiituka v0.98.8]]
| 31 August 2009
*<s>BlueMSX-wii v1.0</s>
*<s>Quadrax Wii v0.3</s>
*<s>Sand Traps v1.0</s>
*[[StillAliveWii|Still Alive Wii v1.1]]
*[http://code.google.com/p/szigoy/downloads/list Szigoy v1.0]
*<s>WiiRecipe v0.2</s>
| 26 August 2009
*[[User:Steaky1212/Liqwiid_Wars|Liqwiid Wars v0.2.6]]
*[[Plusoumoins|Plusoumoins v0.5]]
| 23 August 2009
*<s>Achtung Wii Kurve v1.1a</s>
*[[Chunk Munch|Chunk Munch v0.6c]]
*[[Firewii|FireWii v1.0]]
*[[MiiSX|MiiSX v0.4]]
*<s>ShootMii v0.8.8</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer Pre Alpha r35</s>
| 20 August 2009
*<s>Liqwiid Wars v0.2.5</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.75</s>
*[http://www.nintendomax.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=10112] [[Pacline|Pacline v1.2]]
*[[robo tank|Robo tank v0.6.8]]
| 15 August 2009
*<s>Chunk Munch v0.5</s>
*<s>ShootMii v0.8.7</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer Pre Alpha r27</s>
| 11 August 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.4</s>
*[[Code Downloader|Code Downloader v1.5]]
*[[Open Sram Language Modifier|Open Sram Language Modifier v4]]
*[[Savegame Manager|Savegame Manager v1.0 Alpha 3]]
*<s>ShootMii v0.8</s>
*<s>Quadrax Wii v0.2</s>
| 9 August 2009
*[http://code.google.com/p/chatnoirwii/ Chat Noir Wii v0.3]
*<s>Chunk Munch v0.3b</s>
*<s>ShootMii v0.7</s>
*<s>Quadrax Wii v0.1</s>
| 7 August 2009
*<s>BlueMSX-wii RC</s>
*<s>Code Downloader v1.4</s>
*[http://code.google.com/p/pomwii/ pomwii v1.2]
*<s>ShootMii v0.6</s>
*<s>Wii Double Down v1.2</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer Pre Alpha</s>
| 4 August 2009
*<s>Chat Noir Wii v0.2</s>
*<s>Chunk Munch v0.2</s>
*[[FiSSION|FiSSION Engine Project v0.01]]
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.2</s>
*<s>Liqwiid Wars v0.1</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.7.2</s>
*<s>ShootMii v0.5</s>
| 1 August 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.3</s>
*<s>BlastGuy v2</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.8</s>
*<s>Wii Double Down v1.1</s>
| 29 July 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.2</s>
*<s>Open Sram Language Modifier v3</s>
*[[Balance Board Pro|Balance Board Pro v1.1]]
| 25 July 2009
*<s>FCEU v3.0.7</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.9</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.6</s>
| 21 July 2009
*<s>MiiSX v0.3</s>
*<s>Savegame Manager v1.0</s>
*[[User:Jsmaster/wiiconnect|WiiConnect Demo 4]]
| 17 July 2009
*[[ChristmasCountdown|Christmas Countdown v0.1]]
*[[Senet|Senet v0.05b]]
*<s>SignCheck v0.3a</s>
| 14 July 2009
*[[ONScripter|ONScripter v07.2009a]]
*<s>WiiRadio v0.4</s>
*<s>Turnip v0.1</s>
*[[WiiSPACE|WiiSPACE v1.2a]]
| 12 July 2009
*<s>MiiSX v0.2</s>
*<s>WiiSPACE v1.2</s>
| 10 July 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.1</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.6</s>
*<s>GuitarsOnFire v0.8</s>
*[[Harmonium|Harmonium v1 beta3]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.7</s>
*<s>ONScripter v07.2009</s>
*<s>PCSX-Revolution Rev 28</s>
*<s>Senet v0.05</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.8<s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.5<s>
| 7 July 2009
*[http://modtyawii.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11960 Post'Em v0.0.01Beta12]
*<s>SignCheck v0.3</s>
*<s>UAE v3.0</s>
*<s>WiiSPACE v1.1</s>
| 4 July 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.0</s>
*<s>Bugiin v1.3</s>
*<s>DOSBox Wii v0.73.02</s>
*[[OpenJazz Wii|OpenJazz v1.0]]
*[[User:Jsmaster/wiiconnect|Wii-connect Demo]]
*[[Wolfenstein 3D Wii|Wolfenstein 3D Wii v1.3]]
| 1 July 2009
*<s>Achtung Wii Kurve v1.0</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.5</s>
*[[Meritous|Meritous v1.2 R2]]
*<s>PCSX-Revolution Rev 18</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.7</s>
*<s>SuperTux Wii v1.0</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.4</s>
*<s>Wii7800 v0.2</s>
*<s>WiiSX Beta 1</s>
| 28 June 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v1.1</s>
*<s>FMyLife v0.2</s>
*<s>GuitarsOnFire v0.1a</s>
*<s>WiiSPACE v1.0</s>
| 21 June 2009
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v1.0]]</s>
*<s>Pacline v1.1</s>
*[[Paradroid|Paradroid v0.6]]
| 14 June 2009
*[[Arcade Jigsaw|Arcade Jigsaw v0.3]]
*<s>Wii Web Server v1.10 Alpha</s>
| 13 June 2009
*[[Balance Board Tools|Balance Board Tools v1.0]]
*<s>Code Downloader v1.3</s>
*[[Goblin's Cube|Goblin's Cube v1.1.0]]
*<s>Harmonium v1 beta2</s>
| 10 June 2009
*[[C-DogsSDL|C-Dogs SDL v0.4.1-1]]
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.2</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.14.0 r41364</s>
*[[WiiEarth|WiiEarth v2.2]]
| 5 June 2009
*<s>Bugiin v1.2</s>
*<s>DOSBox Wii v0.73.01</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.62</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.1.3</s>
*<s>Super Mario War Wii v1.2</s>
*[[Twist|Twist v0.0.01]]
*[[TxtEd Mod|TxtEd Mod v1.0]]
*[[X and O(Learn from Code Edition)|X and O(Learn From Code Edition) v1.0]]
| 3 June 2009
*<s>Bugiin v1.1</s>
*[http://www.nintendomax.com/index.php?topic_id=10138&format=news Cobra Arcade v0.1 Alpha]
*<s>Pacline v1.0</s>
*[http://www.pdroms.de/news/18083/ Resistor Wii v1.0]
*<s>ScummVM v0.14.0 r41094</s>
*[http://www.nintendomax.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=10102] [[StarPlot|StarPlot v1.0]]
*<s>Still Alive Wii v1.0</s>
*[http://www.pdroms.de/news/18070/ TicTacToe v1.0]
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.6</s>
| 31 May 2009
*<s>FCEU v3.0.4</s>
*[[Helium boy|Helium Boy v0.91]]
*[[LightsOut|LightsOut v1.01]]
*[[projectGMC|projectGMC v0.11]]
*[[Quake Wii|Quake v0.08]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.6</s>
*<s>UAE v2.0</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.3</s>
| 30 May 2009
*<s>LightsOut v1.0 RC2</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.1.2</s>
*<s>POWDER v111-1</s>
*[[Wii Quizz|Wii Quizz v2.1.5]]
*<s>Wii Web Server v1.00 Alpha</s>
*[[ZeRace|ZeRace v0.7]]
| 28 May 2009
*<s>Balance Board Tools v0.9</s>
*<s>Goblin's Cube v1.0.0</s>
*<s>Kidspaint v1.3</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.1.1</s>
*<s>Wii7800 v0.1</s>
| 26 May 2009
*[[Bowfishing Action!]] [http://www.nintendomax.com/?topic_id=10077 v1.0 ]
*<s>FCEU v3.0.3</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.61</s>
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.1.0</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.5</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.2</s>
| 24 May 2009
*[[CombatWii|CombatWii v0.1]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.6</s>
| 22 May 2009
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.1</s>
*[[Hex|Hex v1.0]]
*<s>Italian Parking v0.21</s>
*[[Freespace 2 Wii|Freespace 2 Wii Beta 3]]
| 20 May 2009
*<s>Harmonium v1 beta</s>
*[[Playstats|Playstats v1.02]]
| 17 May 2009
*<s>WiiRadio v0.3</s>
*<s>Wolfenstein 3D Wii v1.2a</s>
| 16 May 2009
*[[CheatManager|CheatManager v0.3]]
*<s>Goblin's Cube v0.9.1</s>
*<s>UAE v1.0</s>
| 15 May 2009
*<s>DOSBox Wii v0.72.01</s>
*<s>Hexxagon v1.0</s>
*<s>Playstats v1.01</s>
*<s>Wiituka v0.98.6</s>
| 12 May 2009
*<s>iiii v2.0</s>
*<s>Quake v0.09</s>
| 6 May 2009
*<s>Balance Board Tools v0.2</s>
*[[Wii2600|Wii2600 v0.2]]
*<s>Super Star Shooter v1.0.0</s>
| 4 May 2009
*<s>Balance Board Tools v0.1</s>
*[[Giddy 3|Giddy 3 v1.4]]
*<s>Quake v0.08</s>
| 2 May 2009
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.3</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.0.2</s>
*<s>Quake v0.06</s>
*<s>Super Mario War Wii v1.1</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.0.1</s>
| 30 April 2009
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9.0.1</s>
*<s>Kidspaint v1.2</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.13.1</s>
*<s>Super Mario War Wii v1.0</s>
| 27 April 2009
*<s>Frodo v10</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.19</s>
*<s>GeckoOS v1.9</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.9</s>
*<s>Wolfenstein 3D Wii v1.1a</s>
| 24 April 2009
*[[Cubiic|Cubiic v0.1a2]]
*<s>FCEU v3.0.1</s>
*<s>GeeXboX v0.1alpha7</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.5</s>
*[[Q1Rev|Q1Rev Release 1]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.1</s>
*<s>Wiituka v0.98</s>
*<s>Wolfenstein 3D Wii v1.00a</s>
| 19 April 2009
*<s>GeckoOS v1.8.02</s>
*<s>Kidspaint v1.1</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.14.0 r39954</s>
*[[WUFE|Wii Update File Extractor v0.1]]
| 15 April 2009
*<s>FCEU v3.0.0</s>
*<s>GeckoOS v1.8</s>
*<s>Kidspaint v1.0</s>
*<s>ONScripter v04.2009a</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.1</s>
| 12 April 2009
*<s>iiii v1.2+</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.9</s>
*<s>ONScripter v04.2009</s>
| 8 April 2009
*<s>iiii v1.2</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v4.0.0</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.8</s>
*[[Wiilander|WiiLander v0.59]]
| 3 April 2009
*<s>Frodo v9</s>
*[[The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library|HOMEbrew Menu Demo2]]
*<s>iiii v1.0</s>
*[[Komopong wii|Komopong Wii v0.9]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.4</s>
*<s>|Playstats v1.0</s>
*[[WiiHandy/SDL|Wii Handy SDL v0.3]]
| 28 March 2009
*<s>GeeXboX v0.1alpha6</s>
*<s>HOMEbrew Menu Demo</s>
*[[Libmii|Libmii Example]]
*[[Jump 'n Bump|Jump 'n Bump v0.3]]
*<s>Wii Shooting Gallery v1.5</s>
*<s>WiiSX r57</s>
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.5</s>
| 21 March 2009
*<s>Arcade Jigsaw v0.22</s>
*<s>Code Downloader v1.2</s>
*<s>Cubiic v0.1a</s>
*[[DungeonCrawlStoneSoup|Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v0.4.5-w1]]
*<s>GeeXboX v0.1alpha5</s>
*<s>Giddy 3 v1.3</s>
*[[PsyKoTrope|PsyKoTrope v1.1]]
*[[Shiny Red Tank|Shiny Red Tank v0.11a]]
*<s>WiiRadio v0.2</s>
*<s>WiiEarth v2.1</s>
*<s>Wii Quizz v2.1</s>
| 14 March 2009
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.92</s>
*<s>CheatManager v0.2</s>
*<s>Frodo v8</s>
*<s>ONScripter v03.2009</s>
*[[PsyKoTrope|PsyKoTrope v1.0]]
*<s>RedSquare v0.91</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.9</s>
*[[Shiny Red Tank|Shiny Red Tank v0.1a]]
| 7 March 2009
*[[Alarmii|Alarmii v1.0]]
*[[Blisterball|Blisterball v1.0]]
*[[GRRLIB|GRRLIB4.0-DEMO v4.0.0]]
*[[User:Brijohn/lsusb|lsusb v1.0]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.3a</s>
*[[MyLittleBall|My Little Ball v1.0.1]]
*[[Neopop Wii#TheStripper Unofficial Version|Neopop Wii Unofficial verison by TheStripper v2009.02.3]]
*[http://www.pdroms.de/news/11306/ Rebooter v1.0]
*<s>ScummVM v0.13.0</s>
*[[Toddtris|Toddtris v1.0]]
*[[Wii Quizz|Wii Quizz v2.0.7]]
| 1 March 2009
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.3</s>
| 28 February 2009
*<s>Frodo v7</s>
*[[MahJongg Wii|MahJongg Wii v0.8]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.21e</s>
*[[User:SpiderDave/Splatter Castle|Splatter Castle v2009.02.25]]
*<s>Wii Quizz v2.0.5</s>
*<s>YahtzWii v1.12</s>
| 22 February 2009
*[[Code Downloader|Code Downloader v1.1]]
*<s>Mad Bomber v0.2.5</s>
| 21 February 2009
*[[ColEm|ColEm v1.0]]
*<s>Defendguin v0.11b</s>
*[[DVDX|DVDX for System Menu 3.4]]
*[[Giddy 3|Giddy 3 v1.2]]
*[[Menu Loader|Menu Loader v0.5]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.21</s>
*[[O2em|O2Em v1.0]]
*<s>Pong2 v0.98</s>
*[[WiiRadio|WiiRadio v0.1]]
*<s>ScummVM rev38363</s>
*<s>Teeter Torture v2005-10-18</s>
*[[TopEdit|TopEdit v0.61]]
*[[Vectoroids|Vectoroids v1.1.0]]
*<s>Wii2600 v0.1</s>
*[[Wiicm|Wiicm v1.1]]
*[[Double Dash Wii|Double Dash Wii v1.0]]
*<s>Wii Quizz v2.0</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.92 Alpha</s>
*<s>YahtzWii v1.11</s>
| 14 February 2009
*<s>CodeDownloader v1.0</s>
*<s>Giddy 3 v1.0</s>
*[[User:BHSPitMonkey/LiightsOut|Liightsout! v1.0beta5]]
*<s>My Little Ball v1.0</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.9</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.81</s>
*<s>TopEdit v0.5</s>
*[[WiiEarth|WiiEarth v2.0]]
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.91 Alpha</s>
*[[WiiXL|WiiXL v0.1]]
| 8 February 2009
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.91</s>
*<s>Helium Boy v0.1</s>
*<s>Liightsout! v1.0beta4</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.97</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.6</s>
*[[Wiibreaker|Wiibreaker v0.5]]
*<s>Wii Quizz v1.9</s.
| 1 February 2009
*[[Boot it|Boot-it v1.0]]
*[[loadmii|loadMii v0.3]]
*[[Nowell|Nowell v1.01]]
*[[StellaWii|StellaWii v2.6.1]]
*[[SYASokoban Wii|Sukoban v0.2]]
*<s>Wii Quizz v1.8</s>
*<s>YahtzWii v1.1</s>
| 29 January 2009
*<s>FCEU v2.0.9</s>
*<s>Frodo v6</s>
*[[Fuse|FUSE vSnapshot3]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v009</s>
*<s>SpaceBubble v0.50</s>
*<s>Splatter Castle v2009.01.27</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.7</s>
*<s>Wii Handy SDL v0.2</s>
*<s>WiiLander v0.42</s>
| 23 January 2009
*[[Christmas-Type Adventure Time]] v1.0
*<s>ftpii v0.0.18</s>
*<s>FUSE vSnapshot2</s>
*[http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?p=48387 Hatari v0.0.1]
*[[Hiragana & Katakana Practice|Hiragana and Katakana Practice v0.1]]
*[[Horror Vacui|Horror Vacui v0.0.4]]
*[[Leveltool|Leveltool v0.5]]
*<s>Liightsout! v1.0beta2</s>
*<s>My Little Ball v0.0.1</s>
*<s>Splatter Castle v2009.01.18</s>
*[[Supersonic Wii|Supersonic Wii v0.05]]
*<s>Sukoban v0.1b</s>
*<s>Wii Handy SDL v0.1</s>
*[[WiiMPC|WiiMPC v0.1b]]
*<s>Wii Quizz v1.7</s>
*[[WINTERMAN|Winterman v2009.01.20]]
| 17 January 2009
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.9</s>
*<s>Frodo v5</s>
*<s>Horror Vacui v0.0.3</s>
*<s>Leveltool v0.4</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.95</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.8</s>
*<s>ScummVM rev35811</s>
*<s>WiiLander v0.3</s>
*<s>Wii Quizz v1.6.3</s>
| 10 January 2009
*<s>Frodo v1.0</s>
*[[Arcade Jigsaw|Arcade Jigsaw v0.21]]
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.7</s>
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.1</s>
*[[Piero's Wiicross|Piero's Wiicross v0.2]]
*<s>[[RedSquare|RedSquare v0.72]]</s>
*[[ScummVM|ScummVM rev35709]]
*[[WiiApple|WiiApple v0.0.7]]
*<s>Wiibreaker v0.3</s>
*[[WiiLife|WiiLife 28.07.2008]]
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.4</s>
| 2 January 2009
*<s>ftpii v0.0.17</s>
*[[GCMM|GCMM v1.0]]
*[[Homebrew Disc Loader|Homebrew Disc Loader v0.3]]
*[[Metronome|Metronome v1.2]]
*<s>RedSquare v0.7</s>
*[[TxtEd|TxtEd v1.0]]
*<s>WiiLander v0.1</s>
| 27 December 2008
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.8</s>
*<s>FCEU v2.0.8</s>
*[[Genesis Plus|Genesis Plus v1.3.1]]
*<s>Pong2 v0.94</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.6</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v008</s>
*<s>SDL Space Invaders v1.0</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.6</s>
*[[WiiStrobe|WiiStrobe v0.0.2]]
| 20 December 2008
*[[DopeWars Wii|DopeWars Wii v1.1]]
*<s>Genesis Plus v1.3</s>
*[[Gnuboy GX|Gnuboy GX v2008.12.14]]
*<s>Hugo-wii v2008.12.14</s>
*[[SMSPlus|SMSPlus v2008.12.14]]
| 13 December 2008
*<s>Arcade Jigsaw v0.2</s>
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.7</s>
*[[LPairs|LPairs v1.0]]
*[[Minesweeper|Minesweeper v1.3]]
*<s>RedSquare v0.5</s>
*[[Scogger|Scogger v0.2 with sound]]
*<s>YahtzWii v1.0</s>
| 6 December 2008
*[[Automatii|Automatii v1.0]]
*[[MPlayerWii#Unofficial Versions|MPlayerWii v0.07 rodries]]
*<s>Piero's Wiicross v0.1</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.93</s>
*<s>Paradroid v0.4</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.4</s>
*<s>WiiDoom v0.4.1</s>
| 29 November 2008
*<s>Aspirin v1.0</s>
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.6</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.16</s>
*[[Guitarfun|Guitar Fun v3.5]]
*[[GxGeo|GxGeo v20081123]]
*[[HiivelyPlay|HiivelyPlay v2.0]]
*[[Magic Number|Magic Number v1.0]]
*<s>Minesweeper v1.2</s>
*<s>wiicm v1.0</s>
| 23 November 2008
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.4</s>
*<s>FCEU v2.0.6</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.92</s>
*[[REminiscence|REminiscence v0.83]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v007</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.5</s>
*wiilax-minitro vFinal
| 18 November 2008
*<s>bibleQuiz v0.31</s>
*[[BlastGuy]] v1.0
*[[CosmoRaketti|CosmoRaketti v1.0]]
*[[dungeons|Dungeons v0.85]]
*[http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?p=44500 libwiigameload v0.1]
*[http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9595&highlight=TSWCC Matches v1.0]
*[[portii|Portii v1.0]]
*<s>Rokoban v0.8</s>
*<s>Smashing! v1.1</s>
*[[uschtris|Uschtris v1.0]]
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.4</s>
*<s>Wiibreaker v0.2</s>
*[[WiiCalc|Wiicalc v0.1]]
*[http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?p=44206 wiireader v1.1]
*[[YOG|YOG v0.1]]
| 15 November 2008
*[[Ascii-Pong|ASCII-PONG v1.0]]
*[[Commander K. Wii|KeenWii v0.99]]
*<s>Pong2 v0.91</s>
*[[UAE4Wii|UAE4Wii v0.1]]
*<s>wiireader v1.0</s>
*<s>WiiStrobe v0.0.1</s>
| 9 November 2008
*<s>DopeWars Wii v1.0</s>
*[[GeeXboX|GeeXboX v0.1alpha4]]
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.6</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.9</s>
*<s>Wiiero v1.1</s>
| 1 November 2008
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.5</s>
*[[Mandelbrot|Mandelbrot v1.1]]
*<s>Pong2 v0.8</s>
*[[Rick Dangerous Wii|Rick Dangerous Wii v1.0]]
*[[WiiPhysics|WiiPhysics v2.2.0b]]
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.3</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.9 Alpha</s>
| 26 October 2008
*<s>FCEU v2.0.6</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.15</s>
*<s>Pong2 v0.6</s>
| 18 October 2008
*<s>FCEU v2.0.4</s>
*[[User:Yossi/Flipem|FlipEm v0.1]]
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.5</s>
*[[Particle accelerator|Particle Accelerator v1.0]]
*<s>Snes9xGX v006</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.3</s>
| 11 October 2008
*[[MPlayerWii|MPlayerWii v0.07]]
*[[SD Explorer|SD Explorer v1.0b]]
*<s>Visual Boy Advance GX v1.0.2</s>
*<s>WiiDoom v0.3.1</s>
*[[WiiEngine|WiiEngine v1.5b]]
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.2</s>
*[[Wmlflash|Wmlflash v0.1b]]
| 4 October 2008
*<s>FCEU v2.0.3c</s>
*<s>MPlayerWii v0.06</s>
*<s>Quake v0.04</s>
*[[txt-read|txt-read v1.1]]
*<s>WiiEngine v1.5</s>
*[[User:Raribeir/WiiFortune|WiiFortune v0.1]]
| 26 September 2008
*<s>GeckoOS v1.07b</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX v005</s>
*<s>Wiibreaker v0.1</s>
*<s>WiiDoom v0.3</s>
| 21 September 2008
*<s>FCEU (tantric) v2.0.2</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.14</s>
*<s>GeckoOS v1.07a</s>
*<s>Gnuboy GX v2008.09.17</s>
*[[Gravity|Gravity v1.1]]
*[[Map Maker|Map Maker v1.0]]
*Pacman (emulator) v1.0
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.0.1</s>
| 15 September 2008
*[[Wii Breakout|Wii Breakout v0.01]]
*<s>GeckoOS v1.06f</s>
*<s>FCEU (tantric) v2.0.1</s>
*<s>Gravity v1.0</s>
*<s>WiiDoom v0.2</s>
*<s>WiiEngine v1.4</s>
| 7 September 2008
*[[BuscaWiinas|BuscaWiinas v0.1]]
*<s>Hugo-wii v2008.08.27</s>
*<s>Jump 'n Bump v0.2</s>
*[[Space Shooter|Space Shooter v0.3]]
| 3 September 2008
*<s>FCEU (tantric) v2008.09.01</s>
*[[GCBooter|GCBooter v1.0]]
*<s>GeckoOS v1.06f</s>
*<s>Gnuboy GX v2008.08.26</s>
*[[MadQuiz|MadQuiz v0.03]]
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.4</s>
*<s>Metronome v1.0</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.12</s>
*<s>WiiPhysics v2.2</s>
| 28 August 2008
*<s>Genesis Plus v2008.08.26</s>
*<s>MadQuiz v0.02b</s>
*<s>SMSPlus v2008.08.26</s>
*[[wiiship|Wiiship v0.6.1]]
*[[UNO|Uno v12]]
*[[WiiPhysics|WiiPhysics v2.1]]
*<s>Wii Shooting Gallery v1.4</s>
*[[Wii Solitaire|Wii Solitaire v0.4]]
| 24 August 2008
*DVDx Installer v1.0
*[[Jewel Quest|Jewel Quest v1.0.3]]
*<s>MadQuiz v0.02</s>
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.3</s>
*[[MPlayer TT|MPlayer rev27458]]
*<s>Quake v0.03</s>
*<s>WiiDoom v0.1.1</s>
*<s>Wii Shooting Gallery v1.1</s>
| 22 August 2008
*[[Mii Extractor|Mii Extractor v1]]
*[[Mii Installer|Mii Installer v1]]
*[[Save Extractor|Save Extractor v2]]
*[[Savegame Installer|Save Installer v2]]
*<s>Uno v11</s>
*<s>WiiMPC v0.1</s>
*<s>Wiiship v0.5</s>
*Wiitube v0.01
| 17 August 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.16 Alpha</s>
*[[Freecell|Freecell v0.2]]
*<s>ftpii v0.0.13</s>
*<s>MPlayerWii v0.05</s>
*<s>Uno v10</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.82 Alpha</s>
| 14 August 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.15 Alpha</s>
*<s>Freecell v0.1</s>
*<s>Guitar Fun v3.5</s>
*<s>ScummVM Rev 33789</s>
*<s>txt-read v1.0</s>
| 10 August 2008
*<s>Quake v0.02</s>
*<s>Uno v8</s>
*<s>Wii Solitaire v0.3</s>
| 07 August 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.14 Beta</s>
*[[Kobo Deluxe|Kobo Deluxe v0.5.1]]
*[[NuGaSa|NuGaSa v0.1]]
*<s>Snes9xGX 1.5 (Michniewski) v004</s>
*<s>Uno v7</s>
| 03 August 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.13 Alpha 2</s>
*<s>Wii Solitaire v0.2</s>
| 01 August 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.13 Alpha</s>
*<s>MPlayerWii v0.04</s>
*[[Ocarina|Ocarina Wii Cheating application v1.0]]
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v0.9 with Wiimote support</s>
*[[SameGame|SameGame v1.0]]
*<s>SD Explorer v1.0a</s>
*[[TicTacToe|TicTacToe v1.0]]
*<s>Wii Solitaire v0.1</s>
| 31 July 2008
*[[CharioMan|CharioMan v1.0]]
*<s>Uno v5</s>
| 29 July 2008
*<s>Guitar Fun v2.9</s>
*<s>Snes9xGX 1.5 (Michniewski) v003</s>
| 26 July 2008
*[[Asteroids|Asteroids v0.1 with Wiimote support]]
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.12 Beta</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.12</s>
*<s>GeckoOS v1.06d cf</s>
*<s>Genesis Plus v2008.07.16</s>
*<s>Gnuboy GX v2008.07.15</s>
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.2</s>
*<s>Uno v4</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.81 Alpha</s>
|22 July 2008
*[[Headtracking|Headtracking Demo v1.0]]
*<s>SameGame v0.1</s>
*<s>ScummVM Rev 33083</s>
*[[Tetris Wii|Tetris v1.2 with Wiimote Support]]
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.8 Alpha</s>
|20 July 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.11 Beta</s>
*[[Another Rock Paper Scissors|Another Rock Paper Scissors Game v0.3]]
*<s>SMSPlus v2008.07.15</s>
*<s>Snes9X Wii r70 beta</s>
*<s>ftpii v0.0.11</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.77 Alpha</s>
|19 July 2008
*<s>ftpii v0.0.10</s>
*<s>FCEU (aksommerville) v2008.07.02</s>
*<s>FCEU (Suloku) v2008.05.03</s>
*<s>FCEU (Vicious1988) v2008.04.07</s>
*<s>Snes9X (Falco) v2008.04.23</s>
*<s>Snes9X (LoPsT) v2008.05.30</s>
*<s>Snes9X (Robert) v2008.04.21</s>
*<s>Snes9X (vicious1988) v2008.04.02</s>
*<s>Snes9X (Yoysothoth) v2008.07.15</s>
*Yabause (Ac_K) v2008.06.30
|17 July 2008
*<s>MPlayerWii v0.03</s>
|16 July 2008
*[[WiiOperation|WiiOperation v1.2]]
|15 July 2008
*[[Briicks|Briicks v0.1a]]
|13 July 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.1 Beta</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.76 Alpha</s>
*[[AtaWii|AtaWii v1b]]
*<s>FCE Ultra Wii v2008.04.27</s>
*<s>FUSE vPreview</s>
*<s>Genesis Plus v2008.06.1</s>
*<s>Hugo-wii v2008.06.14</s>
*[[Neopop Wii|Neopop Wii v2008.06.21]]
*<s>ScummVM vRev 32565</s>
*<s>SMSPlus v2008.06.01</s>
*<s>Snes9X Wii v0.1.1</s>
*<s>Visual Boy Advance v1.7.2</s>
*<s>Wii64 vr300</s>
*<s>Yabause Wii v1Alpha</s>
|11 July 2008
*<s>DragonMedia Player v0.07 Alpha</s>
*<s>HiivelyPlay v1.0</s>
*<s>MPlayerWii v0.02</s>
*[[Wii MFE Port|Wii MFE Port v1.1]]
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v0.9</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.75 Alpha</s>
|10 July 2008
*<s>Wii-Tac-Toe v0.1</s>
|09 July 2008
*[[Barrage|Barrage v1.0]]
*[http://blog.dev-scene.com/0xtob/2008/06/19/box2d-for-the-wii/ Box2D Balls v1.0]
*[http://blog.emiliobool.com/posts/drawing_box_v1b/ DrawingBox v1.0b2]
*[[ExistenzE|ExistenzE v1.0]]
*<s>Jewel Quest v1.0</s>
*MiniMP3 Player v0.2
*[[MissileCommand|Missile Command v0.5a]]
*[[MTP|MTP v2.0]]
*[[Planet Hively|PlanetHively v1.0]]
*[[WiiRayTracer|RayTracer v1.0]]
*[[Gamecube Saver|Gamecube Saver v0.1]]
*[[WiibServer|WiiBServer v0.1]]
*[[Wiihttpd|Wiihttpd v0.0.2]]
*[http://blog.emiliobool.com/posts/wiilight_code/ wiilight v1.0]
*[[WiiMotionDemo|WiiMotionDemo v1.5]]
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.74 Alpha</s>
*[[WiiWhiteboard|WiiWhiteboard v0.2b]]
|08 July 2008
*<s>WiiPhysics v1.3</s>
|07 July 2008
*<s>SpaceShooter v0.2</s>
|06 July 2008
*[[Chess|Chess v0.0.2]]
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.1 Beta</s>
|05 July 2008
*[[User:Grillo/Tanks|Tanks v0.3a]]
*<s>ftpii v0.0.9</s>
|02 July 2008
*<s>ftpii v0.0.8</s>
*[[Bubble Dizzy Wii|Bubble Dizzy v0.94 Beta]]
*<s>SD Explorer v0.9</s>
*[[WiiPaint|WiiPaint v1.0]]
*[[Sudoku2|Sudoku2 v0.2b]]
*[[Trojan Wii|Trojan Wii v0.1]]
|01 July 2008
*[[Duck Hunt|Duck Hunt v1.81]]
|30 June 2008
*<s>WiiPhysics v1.2</s>
|29 June 2008
*[[Touhou Fangame|Touhou Fangame v0.1a]]
*<s>Another Rock Paper Scissors Game v0.2</s>
*[[Sudoku|Sudoku v0.1b]]
*<s>Snake2 v2.1 beta</s>
*[[Matching Cards|Matching Cards v0.2]]
*[[Bichejos|Bichejos v0.1]]
*[[PONG|PONG v1.1]]
*[[Masteroids|MAsteroids v0.4]]
*<s>CharioMan v0.1a</s>
*<s>Scogger v0.2</s>
*[[Simon|Simon v0.3]]
*[[WiiPoker|WiiPoker v0.1]]
*[[Ballion|Ballion v1.7]]
*<s>Minesweeper v0.1</s>
*<s>Asteroids v0.1</s>
*[[Rock Paper Scissors|Rock Paper Scissors v1.0]]
*<s>Chess v0.0.1</s>
*[[Tetris Wii|Tetris v1.2]]
== History ==
== History ==

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Homebrew Browser
Homebrew Browser Icon.png
Bugs Discussion
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device Internet

The Homebrew Browser allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. You don't need to take your SD card out. You don't even need a computer! You can also delete homebrew you no longer want.

No more dead links, no more extracting files, no more finding out that the homebrew application doesn't include an icon.png and meta.xml in the zip file.

Have a useful application that isn't in HBB? Request it be added.

Check out the up to date blog with development progress at www.codemii.com.

Keep up to date with weekly notification emails, add hbb@codemii.com to your Wii address book to get fortnightly updates sent to your Wii.

Have a look at the most popular applications downloaded with the Homebrew Browser


  • One click download/(un)install/update for each homebrew application
  • Auto updating when your Homebrew Browser version is out of date

How to Install

Create an /apps folder on the root of your SD card (e.g. E:/apps).

Copy the homebrew_browser folder to the /apps folder on your SD card.

Ensure that the little write lock switch on your SD card is off.

Launch via the Homebrew Channel.


You can view this guide which shows how to use the Homebrew Browser.

  1. If you are using the Homebrew Channel then extract the homebrew_browser directory from the archive in your apps directory into the root of your SD card.
  2. Launch Homebrew Browser from Homebrew Channel and your Wii must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Uses the Wiimote with IR to choose your favorite homebrew application.
    1. Green Tick - You have the latest version of that homebrew application installed.
    2. Yellow Question Mark - You might not have the latest version of that homebrew application installed.
Wiimote.svg GameCube Controller Action
Wii Remote Aim GameCube Control Stick Move Pointer
Wiimote A Button Gamecube A Button Click button
Wiimote B Button Gamecube B Button Cancel download/extract
Wiimote D-Pad Left / Wiimote D-Pad Right Gamecube D-Pad Left / Gamecube D-Pad Right Previous/Next category
Wiimote D-Pad Up / Wiimote D-Pad Down Gamecube D-Pad Up / Gamecube D-Pad Down Scroll up/down the list slowly
Wiimote - Button Wiimote + Button GameCube L Trigger / GameCube R Trigger Remove/Add application to download queue
Wiimote HOME Button GameCube START Button Menu
Wiimote 1 Button Gamecube Y Button Work offline
Wiimote 2 Button Gamecube X Button Revert to CodeMii repository

How it works

  1. The Homebrew Browser (HBB) contacts the main server to receive a list of current homebrew applications. The list includes the application names, image file sizes, boot file sizes and whether it is a dol or elf file, as well as the names of any other required files.
  2. HBB checks to see if the user has the latest image files (stored in apps/homebrew_browser/temp) for all homebrew listed. If the image is out of date or missing, it downloads the image file.
  3. Once in HBB and when selecting a game to install, it downloads the zip file and downloads the icon.png if needed from the server. It then extracts the zip file and deletes the zip file. When HBB is updating an application it will overwrite any existing files that the application has.

Notes for Homebrew Developers

How icons for HBB are selected

If there is no icon.png file in a homebrew application then an icon is included if one can be found.

Homebrew Application folder naming

I will stick to the folder names used when you extract each homebrew application. Folders with spaces will be replaced with underscores. If your files don't come in a folder, then a folder name will be created. If your homebrew application used a folder name before HBB and you've updated your application, the user will notice that there is an update to your application.

An example is MAsteroids. The game was developed before HBB. Lets say that the game gets updated. Since they are using a folder name, I can simple place the new boot.dol/elf on the server, change the file size and when the user loads HBB it will notice that they have an existing install of MAsteroids and then the user can update to the latest version.

Homebrew Standards

  • Include an icon.png and a meta.xml file with your homebrew application. Make sure the icon.png file dimensions is 128 x 48.
  • Try to follow the meta.xml standard and test your meta.xml file in HBC.
  • Include a date and version number with your homebrew release, otherwise I will use the timestamp from the boot.dol/elf file and name it v0.1 or v1.0.
  • Put your homebrew application files into a folder and then zip up that folder. Try to keep using that folder name for the homebrew applications life.

Homebrew Apps in HBB

See Here


31 August 2010 (v0.3.9)

  • Fixed bug with HBB calculating the wrong free space
  • Fixed bug with USB running HBB when HBB wasn’t installed on SD card
  • Added support for HBC Themes (go to Settings -> Repo then select HBC Themes and restart HBB)
  • Enabled a setting to use Wiimote like GC controller
  • Enabled a setting to disable the character in the menu (if he freaks you out!)
  • Updated the HBB updated applications window to allow more space
  • Raised timeout for homebrew list
  • Compiled with devkitPPC 21, libogc SVN and libfat SVN

21 February 2010 (v0.3.8)

  • Speed improvement when parsing homebrew list
  • Added .ogg music support
  • Added ability to disable mounting USB devices
  • Added timeout for Homebrew List download
  • Fixed bug when updating apps or HBB the meta.xml file was corrupted
  • Fixed bug when reverting to HBB repo it would sometimes fails
  • Fixed bug when updating installed apps didn't work when installed apps are hidden

10 January 2010 (v0.3.7)

  • Compiled with DevKitPPC r19, libogc 1.8.1 and libfat 1.0.6
  • Allowed ratings and download count in repos
  • Expanded the size of the HBB updated applications display when starting up
  • Added homebrew sorter support (HBB will check for boot.dol.bak and boot.elf.bak files)
  • Disabled write test as some cards failed it
  • Fixed bug that crashed HBB at startup when settings had Use SD but no SD was inserted
  • Fixed bug that would freeze or crash HBB when accessing a repo
  • Fixed bug when GC controller was plugged in, it might go straight into the menu and then exit

29 September 2009 (v0.3.6)

  • Fixed scrolling list issue
  • Added ability to not delete folders and not extract files if they exist
  • Added ability to select starting category and sorting method
  • Re-added mp3 support (add loop.mp3 and it will play it instead of loop.mod)
  • Improved scrolling of the list at start up

31 August 2009 (v0.3.5)

  • Added repositories functionality
  • Redid SD/USB mounting method so it keeps trying to at least mount one of these
  • Cleaned up the text being printed a bit

9 August 2009 (v0.3.4)

  • Fixed issue with icons not being loaded, removing an application from the queue bug and updated meta.xml handling when updating HBB

25 July 2009 (v0.3.3)

  • Speed up extracting using updated libfat (speeds up download too, but it's not noticeable)
  • Added USB support (plug in your USB device before booting HBB and turn off "Use SD" in settings)
  • Added sorting of applications by name
  • Added delete functionality to the queue (press minus to queue an application to be deleted)
  • Added download and extract information (MB downloaded/MB total, Extracted files/Files to extract)
  • Added a check to make sure Wii Network is initialised and active before downloading applications
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't cancel the download queue if you had download prompt enabled
  • Fixed bug where the meta.xml file name would change back to normal when you updated an application (this allows you to keep your custom name of applications)

2 June 2009 (v0.3.2)

  • Added an updated applications pop-up which can be disabled in the setting. When applications are updated, you will be notified of the date, application and version when starting HBB.
  • Added number of Wiimotes supported by applications by showing the number in the Wiimote icon
  • Can revert to using IP address if HBB can't find codemii.com domain
  • Added a download icon to indicate which application is being downloaded when you are browsing whilst downloading
  • Added setting to disable Wiimote power off as some users experienced their Wii's turning off automatically
  • Fixed bug where download/delete buttons would show when rating an application
  • Fixed an issue when deleting applications wouldn't delete some folders
  • Fixed squares that occasionally showed after name, description, etc which would cause creating/deleting directories to fail
  • Fixed download queue issue when removing applications from the queue
  • Fixed code dumps that occurred when scrolling the lists

1 May 2009 (v0.3.1)

  • Able to download and browse at the same time (just click on a category when downloading)
  • Fixed bug which didn't show the last character for applications names, descriptions, etc.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong applications were shown after downloading from download queue
  • Added GC controller support (port #1)
  • Added Nunchuk support for scrolling the apps list
  • Added ability to power off the Wii via the Wiimote power button
  • Menu items are now accessible when in the help or settings screen

12 April 2009 (v0.3)

  • Brand new GUI (thanks DayDreamOz)
  • Ability to scroll through applications without waiting to download images (images loading or being downloaded will show as "Image not found")
  • Images download in the background
  • Much more information on applications which includes a longer description, author, version, size, date, SDHC support and controllers supported
  • Shows the total amount of downloads for each application
  • Ability to rate applications and shows an average rating
  • Ability to queue applications for download in a download queue and download all at once
  • Ability to sort applications by date, rating and download count
  • Added background music (off by default, change loop.mod with your own music if you like)
  • Uses threads
  • Ability to move the cursor once downloading or extracting
  • Ability to cancel extracting process
  • Ability to work offline (by pressing the 1 Button when HBB is initialising the network)
  • Ability to hide installed applications from the lists
  • Checks for SD card to make sure there is enough free space before downloading each application
  • Settings now include show SD card space, check free space, hide installed applications, retreive my rating, background music, rumble, update icon and offline mode
  • Added lots of help screens
  • Added widescreen support (thanks Cashman)
  • Checks that server connected to is really www.codemii.com
  • Added check to make sure the SD card isn't locked
  • Downloads all image files before loading HBB v0.3 the first time to make things faster

6 April 2009 (v0.2.5d)

  • Uses domain www.codemii.com to connect instead of an IP address

17 March 2009 (v0.2.5c)

  • Fixed issue with utilities section that was causing it to be empty
  • Fixed zip progress issue

24 January 2009 (v0.2.5b)

  • Keep retrying networking initialisation
  • Now shows the progress when extracting the zip files (thanks Tantric)
  • Detects the ftpii directory when using a password like ftpii_mypass
  • Keep meta.xml name when updating if it has been edited
  • Added more error checking when updating HBB, if updating fails it reverts back to the previous version
  • Media category becoming unavailable should now be fixed
  • Fixed controller screen to display accurate Dpad information

19 December 2008 (v0.2.5a)

  • Fixed XML issue which caused a code dump
  • Added update text so it now tells you what's new before you update

13 December 2008 (v0.2.5)

  • Changed blue tick to yellow tick so it can be seen easier
  • Made help and controls window larger
  • Free space is now shown at the bottom right of screen
  • Added menu when pressing home, can go into settings, reboot the wii or return to loader. Hold the home button to return to loader at any time.
  • Added settings which allow you to change when the image files are downloaded; either at startup or on-demand. Can enable or disable the free space text.
  • Added update all applications feature. You access this when clicking on the SD card icon. Once you are shown your applications, the SD card icon changes to an update icon which you can click.

9 November 2008 (v0.2.4)

  • Able to view currently installed
  • Fixed bug in downloading and removing applications which affected uno and may have affected other applications
  • Retries increased to 10 times with a longer pause in-between
  • Able to reboot the Wii by holding B and pressing Home
  • Detects if you have a .elf version of any application and lets you update that application
  • Now uses zip files which means download sizes are reduced (thanks Tantric)
  • Added SDHC support
  • Detects if HBB icon or meta file exist, if they don’t then it downloads them

26 October 2008 (v0.2.3b)

  • Using dol instead of elf to work with HBC beta 9

30 September 2008 (v0.2.3a)

  • Wlan adapter should now work with the HBB
  • Applications should now be detected properly
  • When applications are downloaded/deleted from the popular category they will now appear correctly in other categories and vice versa

29 September 2008 (v0.2.3)

  • Rebuilt with latest libfat CVS to fix delete corruption bug (thanks joedj)
  • Added Popular category
  • Updated HBB about information

6 September 2008 (v0.2.2)

  • Now downloads images in real time, no more having to wait for HBB to load
  • Fixed IR cursor, no more IR cursor correction is required (thanks Wil)
  • Deleting applications now deletes all files from the directories created (emulator roms/saves directories aren't deleted)
  • Dpad left and right now controls the categories
  • Updated HBB about image to include information about wii message notifications for HBB

3 August 2008 (v0.2.1b)

  • Added the ability to cancel downloads at any time by pressing B
  • Added a slight rumble when moving over any button
  • Moved help and controls icon to left of banner

27 July 2008 (v0.2.1a)

  • Fixed the issue when downloading most of the temporary images for the first time it caused HBB to exit
  • Added text to describe what each icon does when you move the cursor over it

26 July 2008 (v0.2.1)

  • Cursor now rotates and disappears when IR is not pointed to the IR sensor (thanks ebool)
  • Added about and controls icon
  • Added functionality to remove old files that some applications don't use when you update
  • Added statistics gathering which will be displayed on a webpage
  • Changed IP address from wiiregionworld.com to codemii.com

13 July 2008 (v0.2.0b)

  • Increased buffer size so applications that require a lot of files will work
  • Added HTTP no-cache so users behind a proxy will always retrieve the latest version of the apps list

10 July 2008 (v0.2.0a)

  • Small bugfix, downloading Raytracer, Wiiwhiteboard, etc should now work

9 July 2008 (v0.2.0)

  • Supports applications which load files from the SD card
  • Added categorisation of homebrew applications
  • Ability to install HBB via wiiload
  • Updated tick icons
  • Updated "Download" image to change to "Update" if you already have the application installed
  • New icon displays even if you have an older version of the application
  • Fixed issue when downloading 4 applications HBB would exit
  • Does not download the icon.png file if you already have that application installed

4 July 2008 (v0.1.2)

  • Added checks to make sure the server response is valid
  • Uses new graphics made by LowLines
  • New mouse pointer
  • "New" icon appears depending on the time
  • Uses GRRLIB 3.0.1a
  • (A few hours later) Fixed images getting corrupted when loaded previous and next 6 images a few times and now downloads the icon.png and meta.xml files for the HBB if you update

30 June 2008 (v0.1.1)

  • Fixed issue with requesting files from server (thanks joedj)
  • Enabled auto updating (press B when asked if you don't want to update)
  • New logo and HBC icon (thanks LowLines)

29 June 2008 (v0.1)

  • Initial Release

To do

HBB Development


  • DayDreamOz for the new v0.3 HBB design
  • LowLines for the Homebrew Browser v0.2.x graphics including logo, HBC icon and all other graphics
  • joedj for network code in ftpii
  • Tantric - Used unzip library
  • NoNameNo and RedShade for GRRLIB
  • Thanks to all the Wii homebrew developers and icon artists
  • Thanks to all the people who tested the HBB revisions
  • Thanks to Team Twiizers, #wiidev & #wiihelp

Loop.mod found on ModArchive.

Homebrew Browser was written in C using devkitPPC r19 and libogc, libfat and GRRLIB (with Freetype support).

NetSend Example + HTTP Download Example