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Wii Homebrew Channel

A custom Wii channel created by Team Twiizers, the same people responsible for the Twilight Hack. It allows homebrew to be run from the SD card in a similar fashion to the Twilight Hack, but from the Wii menu, so is more convenient. Currently the Wii Homebrew Channel available for public release is a beta. Currently it allows ten minutes of usage before expiring. Once the channel has expired, it cannot be reinstalled, so it's suggested you use the allocated ten minutes wisely.


Assuming the Twilight Hack is already installed on your Wii;

Download the installer from the section below

Place on the root of your SD card

Rename to boot.elf

Run the Twilight Hack, and allow the installer to load.

READ THE DISCLAIMER, in the very unlike case your wii should be bricked by the installer, this will let you know where you stand in regards to Team Twiizers

Press the RESET button on your Wii

The installation should be automatic from this point on, and your Wii will reboot.

The Homebrew Channel is the new channel with no skin/theme.


It can be downloaded here: http://marcansoft.com/transf/homebrewchan_installer.elf