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Using the Homebrew Disc Channel, you can load homebrew programs from regular ISO9660 DVDs. It supports (sub)directories.

Note: the name Homebrew Disc Channel is actually wrong; the program was intended as either an add-on to the Wii Disc Channel or a separate channel, but due to the fact that BootMii will need an SD card to load, turning this program into anything other than a regular homebrew program will be useless in a couple of months. The name will be changed at the next release to Homebrew Disc Loader.


  • Some way to run homebrew
  • DVDx


  • Rename programs to boot.dol and put them in separate (sub)directories on the DVD.
  • Burn as ISO9660 DVD.
  • Put disc in console and start program.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.


  • Support for (parts of) meta.xml, to show friendly program names (Implemented in next release)
  • Graphical interface?
  • Change Name to Homebrew Disc Loader (Implemented in next release)
  • Add a 'retry'-function when a non-homebrew disc is inserted; may come in handy if loading with Twilight Hack (Implemented in next release)
  • Add loading from USB drive?
  • Clean up code
  • Add an 'eject'-function (Implemented in next release)

Known issues

  • Burning a lot of programs (more than 25 I think) on one DVD results in not being able to scroll through the upper part of the list. This is fixed in the next release.
  • When selecting one app, it may load another. This probably has something to do with the sorting mechanism; it seems to be fixed in the next release.
  • Programs like Quake, which depend on data files in the same directory as the program, may not work. At the moment, it is unclear whether and, if so, when this will be fixed.
  • Homebrew Disc Loader may randomly crash during loading, due to a bug in memory allocation. This problem is fixed in the new release.