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Broadway / IOS Global Memory Locations

Address Size Value Description
0x80000000 0x20 0x00 (All bytes 0x00)
0x80000020 4 0x0D15EA5E How Console Booted
0x80000024 4 0x00000001 Unknown
0x80000028 4 0x01800000 Memory Size (Physical) 24MB
0x8000002C 4 0x00000003 Console Type (Retail Console)
0x80000030 4 0x00000000 Unknown
0x80000034 4 0x816FFFF0 Arena High
0x80000038 0xB4 0x00 (All bytes 0x00)
0x800000EC 4 0x81800000 Dev Debugger Monitor Address (If present)
0x800000F0 4 0x01800000 Simulated Memory Size
0x800000F4 4 0x00000000 Unknown / Unused
0x800000F8 4 0x0E7BE2C0 Console Bus Speed
0x800000FC 4 0x2B73A840 Console CPU Speed
0x80003130 8 0x933E0000, 0x93400000 IOS Heap Range
0x80003138 4 0x00000011 Hollywood Version
0x80003140 8 0x00090204,0x00062507 IOS version
0x80003158 4 0x0000FF16 GDDR Vendor Code
0x80003180 4 0x52535045 Game ID 'RSPE' Wii Sports ID (Written by


0x80003184 4 0x80000000 Unknown Flag (Set by Apploader)
0x8000318C 4 0x00000000 Title Booted from NAND (Launch Code)
0x80003190 4 0x00000000 Title Booted from NAND (Return Code)
0x800030F0 4 0x00000000 DOL Execute Parameters