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menu loader (c) 2008 by raven This is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License.


This is a clone of the original menu loader, but it has not all of it's patches, because I have no import games to test region free. (But I've included a patch to override the region setting to JP, US or EU.) I've tested it with version 3.2E Systemmenu. The patches are all discovered by me, no reversing of the original menu loader was done (only "No sound.bin" is from sadmenu :p). (But I don't know if my patching methods are the best, so critique is welcome.)


[Up/Down] to scroll the list, [Left/Right] to change settings. [A] to launch the menu, [B] to exit.

Developer notice:

Source is (as always) included. If you want to compiler it yourself you have to provide menu_certs.bin, menu_tik.bin and menu_tmd.bin in the data folder.


It's based on sadmenu's dol menu loading code.