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| title      = Missile Command
| title      = Missile Command
'''Protect the homeland!'''
'''Protect the homeland!'''
| image      =  
| image      = [[Image:Missilecommand.png]]
| desc        = Remake of the 80s arcade game
| desc        = Remake of the 80s arcade game
| type        = Game
| type        = Game

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Missile Command Protect the homeland!
[[version 0.5a|Download]]
Wiimote1.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Hey, it's missile command time! Destroy the missiles before they reach the earth and blow up your family!


This uses the excellent libwiisprite for graphics and Sndlib for sound. The background music is Kenny Beltrey - Hydrate, available for free from the Kahvi Collective. The sound effects were made by me spitting on my microphone.

I'm also using DragonMinded's FreeType With Libwiisprite for FreeType text display. The font I'm using is Ben Nathan's Elements, which is available for free from Urban Fonts.


Wiimote Aim crosshairs
B or Z Fire anti-missile missile
Hold Left/Up/Right
(D-pad or Nunchuck stick)
Fire from left/center/right silo
Plus Restart game
Hold 2 and press Plus 100 missile mode
Home Exit to loader



  • Fixed a crash bug related to split missiles not being cleaned up properly.
  • Added text
  • Changed background music to "Hydrate", another Kahvi track, because I was getting tired of listening to the old one over and over.
  • Sped up enemy missile speed by a factor of two.
  • Added an interface for writing level scripts. This is what enables the title screen, game over screen, etc.
  • Moved the file hosting to WarpedFlash's dropbox. Thanks WarpedFlash!


  • Added background music and sound effects (contact me on IRC if you think you can do a better job with the sound effects)


  • Added split missiles
  • Missiles now have trajectory lines


  • Added silo health and ammo
  • Marginally better sprites


  • Initial release