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  • Added Graphical menu using libwiigui
  • Added ability to delete and add games via gui


  • updated to latest svn version of ONScripter-En
  • Fixed crash when playing mp3 files
  • added missing default.ttf to the test game


ONScripter is an opensource cross-platform clone of the NScripter Visual Novel engine. The original ONScripter was written by Opagee the fork that supports the English language is maintained by Haeleth


After extracting ONScripter to your SD Card you will need to install your game files into a directory under /apps/onscripter/games/. These usually consist of a 0.txt or nscript.dat file and a arc.nsa or arc.sar files.

Next edit the games.xml file found in /apps/onscripter.

Once the game is added to the games.xml file you can simply launch ONScripter from the HBC and select the game you wish to play.

Each entry in the games.xml file should look similar to the following:

 <game id="" title=""> <!-- Games are sorted in the menu based on id with the title displayed. -->
    <english /> <!-- Activates English language mode. Default is Japanese -->
    <root path="/path/to/game/root" /> <!-- Specifies path to installed game files (Required) -->
    <save path="/path/to/save/dir" /> <!-- Specifies path to place save games at. Default is root path -->
    <font file="/path/to/font/file" /> <!-- Specifies ttf file to use with game. Default is default.ttf in root path -->
    <registry file="/path/to/registry/file" /> <!-- Specifies registry file to use with game. Default is registry.txt in root path -->

Visual Novels

Translated visual novel downloads
Visual Novel Wiki


  • Games that use mp3 files crash when trying to play mp3's.
    • it no longer crashes however mp3's still have some issues with playback
  • Mouse pointer leaves trail behind it.