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2 player pong game!
If you have ever played Mario Paint for the SNES, then you have probably played the Gnat Attack game (also known as Coffee Break). My game is a spinoff of this, created for the Wii. I took many creative liberties with it, including redoing all of the sound effects with my brother and my girlfriend, and switching up the game modes just a bit.
There are two main game modes, the "Classic" mode, which is level based much like the original. There is also a "Swarm" mode which features endless enemies.
Controls are simple: use the wiimote's IR pointer to control the swatter and then just press the A or B button to swat at the bugs. If you hit home during the game, it will take you back to the main menu, and from there you can exit the app or change game modes.
All comments and criticisms are welcome, and if you find a bug (one that isn't supposed to be there lol, I've heard plenty of jokes about this already) let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.
Other than that, enjoy the game! I hope at least a few of you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it. Also, keep your eye out for updates, I have many more levels in mind, as well as a multiplayer mode and a few other features that will be added in time. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the first release below.

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[[Download V1.1|Download]]
WiiMote2.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

2 player pong game!


Wiimote1.svg Action
Wiimote A Button or Wiimote B Button Swat

TODO list

  • Give it a little more randomness when bouncing off walls.
  • Make better menus.
  • Customizable game (images, background music, etc...)
  • Network. I'm looking into adding this for the next version. Testing has already begun.


V1.1 - Actual - 13/06/2008:

  • Corrected the collision/bounce that used a completely incorrect algorithm (Thanks zosh for taking your time).
  • Added sound, CPU and many other things.

V1.0 - 10/06/2008:

  • Initial release.

What's already made for the next release?

Wiimote IR for controling the game. DONE!

Gamecube pad, Classic controller, Nunchuk support. DONE!

Internet matches. Almost there...

Use libwiisprite, which means better menus and other cool stuff. Not even started

Rumble. DONE!