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This is a simple (not perfect) PONG game for Wii.

I could have made it very nice looking, but want to keep an original feeling to it.

Coded in 2 days with absolutely no idea of coding, so I guess it's VERY good for being me :P


  • UP and DOWN on the Wiimote to move in menus and in-game.
  • A or B to do action.
  • PLUS to open pause screen.
  • HOME in-game to exit directly to Homebrew Channel.


The bounce off the bars isn't correctly made. I can do it, but it requires a lot of time, and I haven't got it.

Anyone is free to use the source for anything they want ^_^

TODO list

  • Add CPU, so you can play alone. You can actually play alone now, and get defeated, but want to add movement. It's easy do to :-)
  • Make better menus, with nice colors and sounds.
  • Make the bouncing correctly.
  • Customizable game(Images, background music, etc...)


Devkitpro developers. This includes everyone who has worked for it.

khuong for some good tips on the coding part. Thanks dude.

GRRLIB creator. Its a great library, very easy to use.

Me, PaRaDoX, for coding this thing :P


V1.1 - 11/06/2008: Corrected the collision/bounce that used a completely incorrect algorithm (Thanks zosh for taking your time). README from v1.0 explained all that. Uploading...

V1.0 - 10/06/2008: Initial release.