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This is a simple PONG game for Wii. Includes source with comments on every part of it.

You are free to use it(the source) for anything you need/want.


  • UP and DOWN on the Wiimote to move in menus and in-game.
  • A or B to do action.
  • PLUS to open pause screen.

TODO list

  • Give it a little more randomness when bouncing off walls.
  • Make better menus.
  • Customizable game(Images, background music, etc...)
  • Network. I'm looking into adding this for the next version. Testing has already begun.


Devkitpro developers. This includes everyone who has worked for it.

khuong for some good tips on the coding part. Thanks dude.

GRRLIB creator. Its a great library, very easy to use.

Zosh (GBATemp) for adding proper collision/bouncing for me.

Hellmonkeys (GBATemp) for the PNG and XML files.

Me, PaRaDoX, for coding this thing :P


V1.1 - Actual - 13/06/2008: Corrected the collision/bounce that used a completely incorrect algorithm (Thanks zosh for taking your time). Added sound, CPU and many other things.

V1.0 - 10/06/2008: Initial release.