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This is a port of Quake to the Wii based on the GC Quake port by Peter Mackay.


  • Place the folder named ID1 on the root of your SD card (put PAK1.pak in this folder if you own the original Quake).
  • Download and extract the shareware version of Quake.
  • Copy the PAK0.PAK file from Quake's ID1 folder, and paste it in the ID1 folder on the root of your SD card.
  • Make sure filenames are all uppercase.
  • Launch Quake.dol using your method of choice.

Release Notes - GX 0.01

  • Hardware graphics acceleration fully functional to glquake original specs.
  • A flaw is that you have to disconnect and reconnect the nunchuk when the game loads
  • If you have the software rendering installed on your sd card, please delete ID1/CONFIG.CFG before playing this version OR restore the default settings using the Options Menu. This is necessary because the Wiimote button mapping has changed.
  • Still has one bug, may hang after several levels played. Please save often and don't play dozens of levels in one sit. If any split-second hang occurs, it's sign that it may freeze completely soon. I recommend saving your progress and exiting to the loader, then reloading the game.