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LicenceAGPL v3
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RiiConnect24 is a custom WiiConnect24 replacement. Server status, and other updated content can be found at rc24.xyz.

Working Services

Everybody Votes Channel

The EveryBody Votes Channel works the same way as the original worked. It allows you to request votes and vote on polls, and have up to six voters.

Forecast Channel

The Forecast channel works the same way that the original Forecast Channel did. However, it uses AccuWeather rather than Weathernews, due to AccuWeather being a more reliable weather source.

News Channel

The News Channel gets the latest news updates from many trustworthy sources of news. These sources include:

  • Agence France-Presse (French, German)
  • Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associta (Italian)
  • Associated Press (America, Spanish)
  • Reuters (Japan, English Europe)
  • NU (Dutch)
  • Sport-Informations-Dienst (Sports German)

Nintendo Channel

The Nintendo Channel as of right now is not updated to include latest Nintendo news, but rather just an archive of the old Nintendo Channel as of right now.

Wii Speak Channel

The Wii Speak Channel works the same way as the old one did, you can send voice messages to other Wiis and voice chat with people. This requires a WiiSpeak.


RiiConnect24 works excactly the same as WiiConnect24 previously did. You can register each other using your friend codes, and send each other mail and Miis.


TO install, first, download and run the RiiConnect24 patcher. It requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. Go through the installation process, and it should download a patched IOS36, a patched IOS80 a patched Nintendo Channel and a patched Everybody Votes Channel. Next, download either Multi Mod Manager or Wii Mod Lite, to install these WADs. After installing the WADs, run the Mail Patcher in the Homebrew Channel (Mail Patcher should be added during the RiiConnect24 installer) and it should work. Finally, go to Wii Settings, then go to Internet, then select the connection that is being used and go to connection settings. Set "Auto-Obtain DNS" to "OFF" then set "" as the primary DNS and "" as the secondary DNS. If it does not work, set "" as the secondary DNS instead. Save this as the connection setting, then, go back to the internet settings and select "User Agreements". Read the RiiConnect24 agreement, then select "Accept". After this, the WiiConnect24 channels should work.

If RiiConnect24 is installed but the News Channel and Forecast Channel still show the message that WiiConnect24 is discontinued, then install WiiXplorer, start up WiiXplorer, then go to Settings > Boot Settings > Enable NAND Write Access and select "Yes". Then, press "A" on the SD icon in the explorer, then go to NAND. Once in NAND, go to title > 00010002 > XXXXXXXX > data (XXXXXXXX can be 48414645, 4841464a or 48414650 for the Forecast Channel, and for the News Channel it can be 48414745, 4841474a or 48414750.) Once in the file, delete the file in it named wc24dl.vff and it should work.