SD/SDHC Card Compatibility Tests

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A lot of people on the wiibrew forums and on the #wiihelp IRC have reported problems using the twilight hack or loading homebrew applications in the Homebrew Channel. These same people claim to have fixed their problems by using a different SD or SDHC card. The purpose of this page is to collect data about the SD or SDHC card you are using.

  • User: Input your username.
  • Card Type: What type of card you are using.
  • Card Size: What size your card is.
  • Card Manufacturer: Who made your card.
  • Twilight Hack: Yes or no, were sucessful in running the twilight hack with your card?
  • Homebrew Channel: Yes or no, were successful in running homebrew using the Homebrew Channel?
User Card Type Card Size Card Manufacturer Twilight Hack Homebrew Channel
Arikado SD 2gb SanDisk Yes Yes
Flark SD 1gb Kingston Yes Yes
Octoroks SD 1gb Dane-Elec yes yes