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Great news everyone, the Wii port has been committed to the official ScummVM svn! You can check out the source here and talk about it on the Wii port forum.

Please don't use the wiki talk page for reporting bugs anymore. Use the official bug tracker, following the bug submission guidelines.



Wii port of ScummVM README

features not compiled in:
- the AGI game engine


    - sd card
    - wiimote or gamecube controller in port 1

    - sd card
    - sd gecko adapter
    - gamecube controller in port 1


  - copy the "scummvm" folder into the "/apps" folder of your sd card
  - copy your demos and/or games onto the same sd card
    each game goes into its own subdirectory, do not place those under
    "/apps/scummvm", and do not set the "theme" or "extra" path to that folder
    freeware versions:


    either use the homebrew channel, available at

    or load "/apps/scummvm/boot.dol" with your favorite loader

    load "/apps/scummvm/scummvm-gc.dol" with your favorite loader

Button Template
Wiimote D-Pad Up Shift
Wiimote D-Pad Down 0
Wiimote D-Pad Left Y
Wiimote D-Pad Right N
Wiimote A Button left mouse button
Wiimote B Button right mouse button
Wiimote 2 Button Enter
Wiimote - Button Escape
Wiimote + Button (skip current line of text)
Wiimote HOME Button f5 (scummvm menu)
    IR: mouse movement
    a: left mouse button
    b: right mouse button
    minus: escape
    plus: "." (skip current line of text)
    2: enter
    home: f5 (scummvm menu)
    dpad up: shift (mass add for the gui)
    dpad down: "0"
    dpad left: "y"
    dpad right: "n"

  gamecube pad

    analog stick: mouse movement
    a: left mouse button
    b: right mouse button
    x: escape
    y: "." (skip current line of text)
    z: enter
    start: f5 (scummvm menu)
    dpad up: shift (mass add for the gui)
    dpad down: "0"
    dpad left: "y"
    dpad right: "n"


  shagkur and WinterMute, for devkitppc/libogc and the coorperation
  svpe, for fixing the libfat feof/thread bugs on the last minute
  para, for making wiiuse available in libogc

Changelog (Wii specific)

  • rev 33083
    • fixed another savegame issue
    • support for the reset and power button
    • added a gamecube port
  • rev 32565
    • the wii port is now official
    • updated icon
    • the savegame issue is fixed (was not wii port specific)
  • rev 32506
    • restructured the runtime paths
      • files from the selected game are now correctly loaded (check the READMII)
    • increased the virtual screen size for the IR pointer
      • its now easier to exit the sam & max inventory
      • fixes the goblins 3 scroll issue
    • added the keys "y" and "n" to the dpad (for simon the sorcerer)
  • rev 32475
    • improved sd read performance (thanks, svpe)
    • fixed crash on saving a game
  • rev 32231 (hbc apps package)
    • wiimote support
    • compiled with updated dkppc/libogc/libfat
      • fixes all known crashes (afaict)
      • Monkey Island 3 is playable now
  • test 2
    • screen is only updated if necessary
      • no more flicker on the BASS intro
      • better performance
    • games with higher screen resolutions are now drawn correctly
    • fixed some palette bugs
  • test 1
    • first public test version