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Segher's Wii.git
TypePC utility

Segher's Wii.git (sometimes referred to as "tachtig/negentig") is a set of tools to aid in the effort of Wii homebrew.

<segher> i have no collective name for my tools, it's just a grabbag of mixed goodies. call it "Segher's wii.git", if you want

The Tools

Primary tools

* negentig -- decode and unpack a disc image
* tachtig  -- decode and unpack a saved data wad (data.bin)
* zeventig -- decode and unpack an installer wad
* twintig  -- pack and encode a saved data wad
* zestig   -- decode and unpack Wii flash images


From Dutch to English:

  • Negentig - Ninety
  • Tachtig - Eighty
  • Zeventig - Seventy
  • Twintig - Twenty
  • Zestig - Sixty

Secondary tools

* tpl2ppm  -- obvious
* dol2elf  -- obvious
* tmd-dump -- obvious
* zelda-cksum -- check and fix checksums in Zelda TP savegames

Where to get the code

Browse it online at (mirror)

Or clone it from git:// (mirror:

See Also

  • FE100 Windows port of segher's tachtig & twintig, Unpack&Pack savefiles, easy obtaining of files used by tachtig & twintig