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Latest version: Send to Wii! 1.4 by [[User:Mattgentl|Mattgentl]]/[[User:Nilsk123|Nilsk123]]
Latest version: Send to Wii! 1.4 by [[User:Mattgentl|Mattgentl]]/[[User:Nilsk123|Nilsk123]]

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Latest version: Send to Wii! 1.4 by Mattgentl/Nilsk123



This is a simple context menu extension for Windoze for all of those who are too lazy to pop up a command prompt. After running this, when you right click on a .DOL or .ELF file, you will have the option to "Send to Wii!". It will also set up the necessary environment variable for you.

Read the included readme.txt for setup instructions.


v1.4 Allows for spaces in folder names

v1.3 Sets the wiiload global variable to the ip entered in ip.txt

v1.2 When using the batch wiiload.exe will automaticaly be copied to system32 (if it's in the same folder)

v1.1 Updated to work with both DOL and ELF

v1.0 ELF only