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Snake for Wii

BY Uschghost -

This is just a simple Snake game for the Nintendo Wii.

User guide

Run the included ELF with your favorite methode to boot homebrew (Twilight hack, turcha, or in the future homebrew channel)

After the ELF is loaded press any button and the game will start. Control the snake with the D-pad on a Gamecube Controller.


The Game may has some bugs I´ll try to fix them in later versions ....maybe =P

Todo....maybe =P

  • Fix bugs.
  • Make apples apear at random places.
  • Allow the use of the c-pad/d-pad as input.
  • Ignore pressing the button to in reverse.
  • Clean up code.
  • Not returning to the loader.
  • Adjustable snake speed.


March 25. 08 - Initial release.