Sqrxz 2

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Sqrxz 2
Author(s)Maze, Hojo, Thor, Kojote, Syphus, Simon
Ported byoifbaf
TypePlatform game
LicenceFreeware / Closed Source (Donations welcome!)
ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller

Another day another journey... As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. Just in case and to be extra careful he took a pocketful of emeralds with him to keep him in ready cash, but after starting his exciting journey he realised all his emeralds are suddenly missing! Retracing his steps Sqrxz notices mysterious creatures popping up all over the place to hinder him in his search... Oh what troublesome days... Help poor Sqrxz get back all his emeralds!

Sqrxz 2 Sqrxz 2 is a Jump n'Run which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes high frustration is guaranteed. Original Sqrxz made by Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall.


  • Tough challenging gameplay - Extremely difficult; not for weaklings!
  • Retro graphics!
  • Hidden passages to discover!
  • 10 tricky n' hard levels!
  • 11 marvellous chiptunes!
  • Top 10 highscore!
  • Infinite continue mode, which you will need badly in order to practise! :)


Sqrxz title wii.jpg

Sqrxz ingame wii.jpg


Sqrxz v1.00 (xx-11-2014)

  • Initial Release, planed for xx-11-2014


GameCube Controller Action
GameCube Control Stick Walk Around
Gamecube C Control Stick Walk Around
Gamecube D-Pad Left Walk Left
Gamecube D-Pad Right Walk Right
Gamecube D-Pad Down Walk Slower
Gamecube A Button Jump
Gamecube B Button Pause/Menu
Gamecube X Button Start
Gamecube Y Button Select
GameCube START Button Quit
WiimoteHorizontal.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Left Walk Left
Wiimote D-Pad Right Walk Right
Wiimote D-Pad Down Walk Slower
Wiimote 2 Button Jump
Wiimote 1 Button Pause/Menu
Wiimote + Button Start
Wiimote - Button Select
Wiimote HOME Button Quit
Nunchuck alternative.svg Action
Nunchuck Control Stick Walk Around
ClassicController.svg Action
Classic Left Control Stick Walk Around
Classic Right Control Stick Walk Around
Classic D-Pad Left Walk Left
Classic D-Pad Right Walk Right
Classic D-Pad Down Walk Slower
Classic a Button Jump
Classic b Button Pause/Menu
Classic + Button Start
Classic - Button Select
Classic HOME Button Quit