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[[sudoku.tar.gz v0.1a|Download]]


Figure out the correct placement of all the numbers.

This project implements a simple sudoku game on the wii. The recommended way to launch this is via the homebrew channel. Control is via the standard wiimmote (1 player only) held sideways.

The project is open source with plans for as open a license as possible. However, certain subcomponents may have licensing restrictions which affect the license of the project as a whole. Further study on this item required before license terms are finalized.


Presently at version 0.1a of the game, the following has been implemented.

  • generation of classic 9x9 sudoku puzzle (no difficulty control)
  • save and continue of puzzle
  • auto checking of the puzzle for incorrect cells

The puzzle is controlled by moving an on screen cursor. The cursor will wraparound the edges of the puzzle if you try to move past the edge.

The value under the cursor is incremented/decremented to the desired value. Value '0' is shown as a blank cell. Values are wraparound from 0 to 9 as well.

If desired, the user may mark a cell as 'uncertain' by pressing the 'A' button. This can be toggled off if desired via the same button. 'uncertain' cells are marked with a gray background.

The game will check for any incorrect cells (i.e. duplicate numbers in any row, column or 3x3 cell). Any incorrect cells will be highlighted with a red tint.


Hold the WiiMote sideways as per [+ : oo] (NES Style)

  • Directional Pad (D Pad) to control navigation
  • 'home' button exits game
  • '1' button decrements number
  • '2' button increments number
  • '+' button resets game and generates new random board
  • '-' button saves game to SD card
  • 'A' button toggles 'uncertain' marking for the cells.


Credit where credit is due..

The guys at #wiidev who are always entertaining and give good advice (as far as wii development is concerned)

Sudoku Puzzle generator currently uses ssudg. This might change in the future after further investigation of suitable alternatives.

libraries used

  • libogc
  • libfat
  • libpng

GIMP was used to create the tiles graphics and also the hbc channel label. Continuum font was used in the hbc label.

Coming soon

The following are under development. Suggestions and patches welcome.

  • Menu system
  • screen capture capability
  • alternate tileset