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Svpe has been using the recent developments of the socket interface and have created a loader that loads stuff over TCP.

It is a TCP server running on the Wii that listens on port 8080 by default that will run any binary that is sent to it. Both DOL and ELF executables are supported.

There is currently some progress on writing a windows gui to do the loading by dasda, while there is a cli tool for posix. The Windows-transfer tool will be released tomorrow (April 9th) due to lack of testing. Dasda 12:10, 9 April 2008 (PDT)

You currently need libogc cvs and bushing's socket patch in the patchtracker to compile this yourself. Precompiled binaries will maybe be released by me once this patch is in the cvs. Source code


The client first sends the length of the file to load and then the data of the file. There is no traffic from the server.