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Please make any comments and suggestions to this program here! If you feel that some very important feature is not in the game, and is not in the "To Do" list, then I want to know it! -rockybulwinkle

Some thoughts

  • I think the thrust might be too potent.
  • I find it kind of difficult to determine the orientation of the ship sometimes because of its small size.
  • The land on planet-hold left/right-shoot jitter effect is nice. Just my opinion.

A for the thrust, maybe I should make it possible to change it, so the public can come to a consensus as to what it should be, then hard code it in? As for telling the direction of the ship, it seemed pretty big on my screen, but I am working with a 47" widesreen LCD :), so it might by that your tv is a smaller crt tv? Maybe I should test it on a smaller tv to make sure everything is still distinguishable. Finally, the jitter is really a bug... I could just leave it in if most people like it. I've already heard that some people do. I'm going to start working on adding features on the To Do list now. rockybulwinkle

Yes, I do think thrust makes you go to fast. --Initrd.gz 13:54, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

Well, I've almost finished one of the things on the To Do list: I have given the planets guns! I plan to make my second release after I add an option to change the size of the ship and the acceleration of the ship. I was originally working on adding automatic updates using libwiiupdate, but I kept getting an error.