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* '''ObjC''': Objective-C
* '''ObjC''': Objective-C
* '''Py''': Python
* '''Py''': Python
* '''Pl''': Perl
* '''LSL''': Linden Scripting Language
* '''LSL''': Linden Scripting Language
* '''JS''': JavaScript
* '''JS''': JavaScript

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{{Userbox code|your code id}}


{{Userbox code|C++}} produces this:

C++ This user codes in C++.

Pre-defined Languages

The following languages are recognized by this template. If your language is not listed here, please leave a message on the talk page or add it yourself. The languages listed here are only for convenience; you may specify another language (eg: C/C++) without needing it added to the template.

  • Asm: Assembly
  • ASP: Active Server Pages
  • Bas: BASIC
  • Bat: Batch
  • Bf: Brainfuck
  • C#: C Sharp
  • Eu: Euphoria
  • ObjC: Objective-C
  • Py: Python
  • Pl: Perl
  • LSL: Linden Scripting Language
  • JS: JavaScript
  • Pas: Pascal
  • PHP: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • Sh: Bourne shell
  • VB: Visual Basic
  • VBx: Visual Basic .NET
  • VBS: Visual Basic Script
  • LUA: Lua