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Version 2.0 wouldn't compile. 2.1 solves this problem.

The scripts accidentally were not in the archive. They have been added as a seperate archive.

Update Downloader is an application for your computer that gets Titles from the Nintendo Update Servers, decrypts them, and saves them to a folder. It allows you to choose which version of the title to download, so you can examine earlier versions. It also allows you to automatically remove the ELFLOADER header from the IOS kernel, and "fix" the System Menu executable for loading in IDA.

Please read the readme, as to prevent anyone from asking stoopid questions. There are 2 bash scripts in this package:

  • A script for downloading all the versions of the System Menu that are currently hosted on NUS. See System Menu Versions for a list of all versions of the System Menu.
  • A script for downloading the 3.4 update. It is currently set to download the 3.4U System Menu, however, you can easily change this in the script.

NOTE: I have NOT included a binary in this package because I don't want people bitching about it not working on their system. Just spend 2 minutes to fire up a terminal and type make. It's not that hard people.

Manual for making in Windows


Update Downloader 2.1 Update Downloader Scripts

Update Downloader 2.0 (DOES NOT COMPILE. USE VERSION 2.1, KTHX)