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Author(s)Da Vinz
TypeBalistic / Strategy

What is it ?

From where and why. Who... incoming

6th June, 2010

  • I've finally open this page... To present my work, Scorched Earth. A remake of an existing game, from 90's. But I just discover how a wiki work, from the dark side...
  • I'm still search for all terms of licenses, for sounds, for images, and some common library... so i'm waiting before realease the game and it's sources. Just wait for few days.
  • And as soon as the 1st version will be releasable, I will ask for Hbb publication...


At this time only one Wiimote is supported, but it's in progress :)

Template:WiimoteVertical In Game Other Menus
Wiimote D-Pad Change Angle/Force Change selected item
Wiimote A Button Quick modif of angle/force selected command Jump to top
Wiimote B Button Shoot Map to selected command Jump to bottom
Wiimote 1 Button Locate your Tank Cancel
Wiimote 2 Button None Select
Wiimote - Button Inventory Map a button to the selected command
Wiimote + Button Command Menu Cancel
N/A Classic y Button Default mapping: Inventory
N/A Classic x Button Default mapping: Command Menu
Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button Return to loader