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In addition to my moderate expertise with the Wii, I'm somewhat knowledgeable with regards to messing with iOS. I am willing to help... to an extent. I will either point and laugh or facepalm if you did something as stupid as deleting your System Menu's IOS. Or you updated your Wii through Nintendo because you need the latest and greatest version. Because that's just too stupid.

Story of my (Wii's) Life

Once upon a time, in an imaginary land far far away, I had a near-launch Wii. Before BootMii was released, I made a few stupid moves and thought I bricked my Wii. (I believe now that I could have recovered if I had patience.) I sent it to United Radio (Nintendo's authorized NY repair facility), as I was convinced I couldn't do anything to repair it. My replacement came with System Menu 3.3 (sans October 23rd update) and boot1c (or, the f01e boot1). I was shocked, extremely happy, and extremely sad, for I could easily hack for homebrew. However, it also meant I am unable to install the beloved BootMii for brick protection.

And they all lived happily ever after.