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I sometimes do the wrong thing. <sup>[<font color="#002AB4">''citation needed''</font>]</sup><br />
I sometimes do the wrong thing. <sup>[<font color="#002AB4">''citation needed''</font>]</sup><br />
I'm hosting [[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]]'s [http://squidman.extremscorner.co.cc:8082/ website] for some reason.

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I swear I won't forget my password again.
I sometimes do the wrong thing. [citation needed]


Capture setup

Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (video & image) / USB Gecko (image)
Signal: S-Video, NTSC 480i, 16:9

Software: DScaler 4.1.17 / WiiRd
Deinterlacing: Even and odd averaged (video) / Greedy 2 Frame (image)


E-mail / Google Talk: metaradil@gmail.com
MSN Messenger: super@extremscorner.co.cc
Internet Relay Chat: #extremscorner on GameSurge

Website: http://www.extremscorner.co.cc/