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This is the '''official''' WiiBrew Project Page for Wiihive bedlam by MANICX100 and Mr foggy. It is currently a WIP port of the game Beehive bedlam as seen on the UKs Sky active service.
The aim of the game is to remove all visible flowers. This is done by connecting three or more flowers of the same colour.
I am MANICX100 the developer of the WIP project Wii-hive Bedlam seen [[User:MANICX100/Wii-hive Bedlam|here]].
It is basically a Mod of the game bubble bobble.
== My Nintendo Homebrew Specs ==
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We plan to release it via google code and it will be open source.
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Proposed homebrew channel compatible icon.png file:
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I am MANICX100 the developer of the WIP project Wii-hive Bedlam seen here.

My Nintendo Homebrew Specs

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