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==How Octoroks™ was born==
i'll write the real story later
Well now you want to contact this said user?
If so you should most likely contact this said user with this email address:
You can find this said user on the irc.
#these are the networks and channels that i am on.
*Efnet (irc.efnet.net)
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/wiihelp| #wiihelp]
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/wiidev| #wiidev]
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/wiidevot| #wiidevot]
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/wii| #wii]
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/dsidev| #dsidev]
** [irc://irc.efnet.net/wiinewz| #wiinewz]
*ARG (irc.arg-irc.net)
** [irc://irc.arg-irc.net/YGOTAS| #YGOTAS]
** [irc://irc.arg-irc.net/adamisgood36| #adamisgood36]
*FreeNode (irc.freenode.net)
** [irc://irc.freenode.net:8001/dcemuuk| #dcemuuk]
*NewNet (irc.newnet.net)
** [irc://irc.newnet.net/TGWTG| #TGWTG]

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