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{{Infobox homebrewapp
{{Infobox homebrewapp
| image      = [[Image:Advanceyoshi.png ]]
| title      = Visual Boy Advance
| title      = Visual Boy Advance
| desc        = GB/GBC/GBA emulator
| desc        = GB/GBC/GBA emulator

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Visual Boy Advance
[[VBA 1.7.2.zip|Download]]
Wiimote1.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot

Visual Boy Advance Version 1.7.2 Port to Wii

Notes From The Developer

I decided that I would do a few little minor additions to this emulator before I dropped it totally from my list and so here's the results.

Please note, there's not much of a GUI if anything. The only way you can load another ROM is to exit to the loader through the in-game menu or simply reload the DOL.

Please note, this is coded in PAL60, if you change it you will probably mess up the timing and things will go horribly wrong due to frame-skip relying on this. ~emu_kidid


  • Wiimote / Classic Controller / Gamecube Pad support
  • Front-SD ROM Loading
  • Front-SD SRAM Saving and Loading
  • MEM2 ROM Storage for fast access
  • In-game Menu with ability to exit to loader (Home button)
  • Auto frame skip for those core heavy games


Roms must be placed in /VBA/ROMS/ and cannot be compressed. Saves will be placed in /VBA/SAVES/ and will automatically be loaded if they exist. The folder must exist for saving to work. The GBA BIOS file is to be placed in /VBA/BIOS/BIOS.GBA. (Optional for most roms.)

If you want to use a Wiimote/Classic Controller, turn it on during the ROM selection menu for it to be detected. You must have two or more roms to use a Wiimote/Classic Controller.

The current build does NOT have adjustable frameskip. Frameskipping is set to 'AUTO' and cannot be changed. While speed is generally near perfect, sound tends to rebuffer as a result of frameskipping, so in-game music may suffer as a result, sounding like a CD-skipping. This does not occur with Gameboy Color games or original Gameboy games, which do not use the frameskip function.

The ROM list does not span the entire screen vertically, but scrolls as you press down on the bottom ROM.

Saving Games

  • Visual Boy Advance will load any .sav files in /VBA/SAVES/ automatically.
  • Saving is not handled by VBA automatically. After saving in-game, you must open the menu and press either the (+) Button on the Wiimote/Classic controller or the 'L' button on the Gamecube controller to fully record your save.
  • After fully recording your save, the screen will say the save was successful. To leave this screen and return to the game, press either 'A + B' on the Wiimote/Classic controller or 'Z' on the Gamecube controller.

Gamecube Controller

Make sure your Wiimote is NOT CONNECTED if you want to use the Gamecube controller. You can disconnect it in the Homebrew Channel or any ELF loader by pressing the sync button (the red button found next to the battery compartment) or simply by removing the batteries for a second. If you start VBA using the Gamecube controller with the Wiimote disconnected, you can use it to play VBA as normally you would play.

NOTE: The control stick will likely respond undesirably while playing with a Gamecube Controller. This can be solved by tapping the control stick gently in the direction that your character/cursor is moving in until it stops moving unwantedly. It's recommended that you play with the D-Pad.


Button Action
GameCube L Trigger L Button
GameCube R Trigger R Button
Gamecube B Button B Button
Gamecube A Button A Button
GameCube Z Button Select
GameCube START Button Start
GameCube D-Pad Move
Gamecube Y Button+Gamecube X Button Bring Up Menu


Button Action
ButtonA.svg L Button
32px R Button
Wiimote 1 Button B Button
Wiimote 2 Button A Button
Button-.svg Select
24px Start
GameCube D-Pad Move
24px Menu

Thanks to

Forgotten for VBA (http://vba.ngemu.com/) shagkur/Wintermute for libOGC bushing,segher,tmbinc for making wii homebrew possible softdev for his GC port of VBA172


Full source code is included. You will need to wait until the current libOGC CVS is updated to devkitpro r15 and actually working. I compiled using a modified devkitPro r14 and libogc from CVS. Use the pre-compiled GBA.o (done with level2 optimizations) if you wish to compile this software again. (GBA.d will need to be modified) This is a messy build process but it's the only way to get it working for now.


  • VBA172 GC&Wii-30052008.rar Fixes slowdown with GB/GBC Games (can someone who can upload ZIP files upload this to WiiBrew? My account won't allow me to.
  • VBA 1.7.2.zip Wii Homebrew Channel version. Binary only. Get this version if you don't know which one to get.
  • VBA172_GC&Wii.zip Wii and GameCube binary and source.
  • Forum