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Visual Controller Test
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Author(s)Mr. Reaper
Wiimote4.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg Les Paul Controller GameCube Controller

If you like pressing buttons, then this app is for you!!!

I have a flaky Gamecube controller and I wanted an easy way to test it. I didn't really like the other Gamecube controller test homebrew I found, because it was all text-based, so I decided to make my own.

I hadn't messed with making Wii Homebrew in such a long time, but I threw this Visual Controller Test together in a day.

But then I was in a coding mood, so I added in every other peripheral I own -- everything but the kitchen sink (and if I had a kitchen sink Wii attachment for Cooking Mama, I'd add that too).

Maybe other people will also find this app useful.


Off-brand peripherals can be weird in homebrew.

I have a Nyko Wand remote that works, except no extension controllers can be detected in homebrew.

I have a Memorex Motion+ remote which works fine with extensions, but using the power button on it will hard crash homebrew apps, requiring a Wii reboot.

I have several off-brand Nunchuks, each with varying behavior.

One reports as a malfunctioning Classic Controller. One doesn't detect at all. One works but reports ranges higher than a standard nunchuk. Another one will sometimes lock up the Wiimote when plugged in (requiring only the Wiimote to be powered off and back on), but other times it works as above.

And drums seem to report as a guitar that mostly works but has some errant input (no clue how to properly read drums; good documentation is nonexistent).


Version History


  • Initial Release.


  • Made the visual analog sticks interactive
  • Added the ability to test Gamecube controllers plugged into any of the ports (by pressing Start on each controller).


  • Analog triggers now interactive
  • All buttons provide better visual feedback.


  • You should be able to test just about everything now, on any port, including the tap/slide bar on some guitars and the analog shoulder buttons on an original Classic Controller.
  • You can even test the Power button on your wiimote by holding it down for 3 seconds.


  • Added in a visual cursor so you can test the Wiimote InfraRed pointer now.


  • Added visual feedback for Wiimote and Nunchuk accelerometer readings.
  • Added automatic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio adjustment (who even uses 4:3 anymore?), so the onscreen graphics no longer look way too fat. You can also toggle the aspect ratio manually.