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Template:Infobox homebrewapp Also known as Wii update file extractor; created by Nuke.

What is WUFE

with this Tool you can insert any Wii DVD Game and extract all the Update files from the Game. I.e System WAD files, IOS files and extracts them to an SD card inserted in the ‘Front SD Slot’

Why do I need this?

It is just a fast and simple way to get these files and requires no ripping or copyright keys. It is also part of a suite of soon to be released tools which will add features to Gecko OS and improve game compatibility.


Copy the wufe folder to your apps directory on your SD card, then run from the Homebrew channel. Place a FAT32 formatted SD card with plenty of space on it in the Front SD slot. Insert Game and Press A on the Wii Remote. The files will then extract to your SD card. Please note some system files can take along time to save card as they can be 30+ MB in size, speed will depend on how fast your SD card is also.


Please only install WAD files if you know what you are doing. This product can not brick your Wii, but installing unknown files on your Wii can. I take no responsibility for the use of this product and what you do with it. This program of course uses no copyright SDK code, keys, certs or any other copyright Nintendo (TM) code.